128px Guide for Defiler.

By: Tryptophan

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Wave of Death is ALWAYS maxed first. It is your primary nuke, harass, farming, and kill-stealing skill.

One point should ALWAYS be put into Grave Silence at the beginning. Silence is always helpful in preventing ganks and preventing enemies from casting escape spells. It is maxed out later during late-mid game for a greater AoE and longer duration

Power in Death is ALWAYS maxed second. Power in Death makes Unholy Expulsion and Wave of Death more efficient and effective while improving your movement speed. It's very important for Defiler.

Unholy Expulsion will ALWAYS be taken whenever possible. More spirits = more damage = better pushing = more killing, etc, etc.

Level Skill
1 Wave of Death
2 Grave Silence
3 Wave of Death
4 Power in Death
5 Wave of Death
6 Unholy Expulsion
7 Wave of Death
8 Power in Death
9 Power in Death
10 Power in Death
11 Unholy Expulsion
12 Grave Silence
13 Grave Silence
14 Grave Silence
15 Stats
16 Unholy Expulsion
17 Stats
18 Stats
19 Stats
20 Stats
21 Stats
22 Stats
23 Stats
24 Stats
25 Stats

Item BuildПравить

Starting Items

You can never have enough Healing Potions/Runes of the Blight. You want to stay in your lane for as long as possible. If you don't anyone on your team who can ward the Runes, buy a set of Ward of Sight instead of some consumables to watch them. You can always use your Courier to bring more consumables, but you should be saving for a Bottle. The numbers for the consumables below (Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Mana Potion) are all subjective, but make sure you keep them in stock early game with the Courier.

64px - 200
  • Use your Courier to run a you a Bottle asap. Also use it to bring more consumables as needed. If someone else on your team buys and shares a Courier, buy an extra Minor Totem and/or more consumables.
64px - 90
  • For healing yourself so you can stay in lane longer.
64px - 100
  • For healing yourself so you can stay in lane longer.
64px - 50
  • Refill your mana pool so you can use Wave of Death.
65px - 50
  • An extra stat boost.

Total Cost = 490

Early Game

Remember to buy Homecoming Stones if you ever return to base. Homecoming Stones are one of the most important items in the game as they allow you to defend, push, and escape depending on the situation.

64px - 600
  • Bottle is if you're ganking. You can get it if you want when you're not ganking but I only recommend it if you're ganking because it's main use is to control the runes. When you're not playing the ganking role then you're farming. When you're farming, you need to farm for you core items. Don't invest in the Bottle when you're ricing. Never start off with a Bottle alone. By starting off with a Bottle you're missing bonus stat items or other important items such as Wards. Lay your wards to watch the runes. Once you have enough gold, run yourself a Bottle and start your ganking.
64px - 500
  • Your basic movement speed enhancing items. We'll turn these into Enhanced Marchers later on.
64px - 1750
  • Sustainer is used to keep your health and mana regenerated so you can stay in your lane longer and farm. Even if you can't grab a Sustainer yet, buy either a Lifetube or Manatube depending on what you need in order to stay in your lane longer.

Total Cost = 2850

Mid Game

64px - 1550
  • Enhanced Marchers give you two key things you need: movement speed and armor. Kills two birds with one stone while being the cheapest pair of boots out there.
64px - 5050
  • Sacrificial Stone is perfect for you. It is composed from a Sustainer which you already have from earlier and gives you a boost to your health, mana, and more regeneration which is scaled by your kills.
64px X2 = 1020
  • These are optional. If you're dying too quickly and need the extra health then grab a couple of these bracelets. They will help a lot.

Total Cost = 7110

Late Game

The game shouldn't last this long with a Defiler in it. Get a Frostfield Plate first. After that you should get items according to what else Defiler needs. Defiler's needs include health/mana, health/mana regeneration, and armor. So some of the items that help you with this are listed below

64px - 4700
  • Another great item. Frostfield Plate provides you with extra mana, armor, and another AoE nuke. Perfect for Defiler.
64px - 5500
  • Great item. Gives you a lot of survivability. It grants you a total of 965 health and an extra 1% of max HP regeneration per second.
64px - 5175
  • This gives you extra stats (health + mana), and regeneration along with a spell block every 20 seconds.
64px - 5675
  • Gives you a lot of mana, some health, insane mana regeneration, and best of all: a disable.
64px - 2750
  • Gives you extra health, mana, and some summons which can be incredibly helpful in team battles.

Total Cost = 23800

Situational Items

64px - 3910
  • Shrunken Head gives you extra health and magic immunity which is incredibily helpful if you are being targeted by many disables which you usually are.
64px - 2350


If you're playing Defiler then solo middle lane is a great choice. It gives you the ability to control both runes so you can run up and down the lanes ganking. Ganking as Defiler works pretty well because of the spammability of her Wave of Death in early game. It has an incredibly large range and can easily mow down enemy heroes in one or two casts. Ganking is also really easy when you're ganking a lane where you have a partner that has a disable. Remember not to over-gank because then you will lose too much experience and gold because you've left your lane.

Another great lane choice is soloing bottom on Legion or top on Hellbourne. If you're soloing a side lane then you have an extra person middle lane which can help shut down the other team's mid solo. It's also a great idea if you have a jungler who can help you with ganks and pulling creeps in your lane.

Early Game

Your main goal is to farm and then push in early game. Wave of Death can be used to harass and farm creeps at the same time. If the other team has multiple low HP creeps, line up your Wave of Death so it hits the hero(es) at the same time to harass and control the lane. Once you hit 6 or 7 you should be able to take towers and clear lanes with Unholy Expulsion and Wave of Death.

Mid Game

You want to grab a Sustainer and make it into a Sacrificial Stone ASAP. Remember to grab Marchers along with Fortified Bracelets if you need them. Remember to constantly watch the minimap for ganks. In 1v1s, Defiler never dies as long as she has Unholy Expulsion. However, watch for enemies attempting to gank you. It's important not to die as Defiler as dying hinders your farming and experience which will delay your core items and your level 3 Unholy Expulsion. Playing as Defiler makes you a big target. Everybody knows how dangerous and deadly a Defiler is so they will come to gank you constantly, trying to shut down your farm. Avoid dying as much as you can by carrying Homecoming Stones and consumable items such as Healing Potions which help get you out in a pinch. Always, always, always remember to check the minimap. It's also very important that you have a teammate set up wards to watch ganks. Knowing how to juke is very important if all else fails. You can check out Juking like the 1950s - How to juke [Pictures][1] by Viole if you need help with juking and jukespots.

Late Game

During mid-late game team battles you just want to sit back, tank, and spam your Wave of Death while your Unholy Expulsion spirits wreak havoc. Grave Silence as many heroes as you can while your team lands their AoEs/disables to help you kill them.

Hero SynergyПравить

Good Allies

You always want good supporting heroes/ganking heroes to help you on your team. Any hero with a disable, AoE or not, will help you and your spirits.

Bad Enemies

Enemies include any hero with massive burst damage or ganking heroes that will target you early game to shut down your farm.

Wrap UpПравить


Hucklecat for the List of Items[2]
NiGHTsC for the List of Heroes Abilities[3]
Viole for the Juking like the 1950s - How to juke [Pictures][4]

Enjoy the guide! If I made any mistakes please correct me. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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