128px The Torturer is one of the strongest carries in Heroes of Newerth. Having four active skills including a spammable multi-target nuke and an AoE stun, the Torturer does great in the lanes as well as outside such as in team battles or ganks. By being an excellent ganker and pusher, the Torturer just like the Defiler can gank a lane as well as pushing it afterwards. Being an efficient ganker and hero killer allows the Torturer to farm better while shutting down the enemies' farm at the same time. Being an INT-based hero makes the Torturer have low health and survivability in exchange for high-power nukes. We can turn this around with just a couple of items.

Every hero has their pros and cons and strengths and weaknesses.


  • Has multiple roles (carrying, pushing, ganking)
  • Has a long range AoE stun
  • Has a spammable multi-target nuke
  • Scales well with items into late game as an INT carry
  • Has a great AoE DoT which can also be used for pushing towers and will remain in effect if the Torturer dies
  • Has a great AoE ultimate which can also be used to farm along with hero killing
  • Has good base armor for an INT hero
  • Has a good primary attribute gain
  • High base mana


  • Low strength gain
  • Low base damage (but smaller range which is better)
  • Big target in team battles
  • Item dependent
  • Low base health
  • Stun is not dependable (requires aiming)
  • Silenced = GG

By: Tryptophan

Skill OverviewПравить

Skill BuildПравить

There are many ways to build Torturer. Too many, actually.

Cookie Cutter

  • Agonizing Bonds is maxed first since it is a spammable nuke and is good for hero killing
  • Chain Reaction is maxed along with Agonizing Bonds for the extra nuking power and ganking power due to its stun. One point into it ASAP for the stun since you might need it to kill.
  • Impalement is maxed later since it's only effective in a one on one fight or when pushing. It's also helpful in team battles for the extra DPS and it's scary animation
  • Torment is acquired later because of the strain it puts on your mana. It's much better later when you have the mana to support it so you can keep it running during team battles or so you can use it for farming.

Gank and Push

  • Impalement is maxed first for it's pushing power (hence the push part of the build name)
  • Chain reaction is maxed along with Impalement for it's ganking power (hence the gank part of the build name)
  • Agonizing Bonds is maxed later, but not too late, since it is not required for the ganking/pushing if your teammates in the lane have extra nukes/disables to support the gank. Agonizing Bonds is maxed later in mid-late game when you need it in team battles to wear down enemies. It's also useful for farming faster.
  • See above for Torment

Purely Pushing

  • 1 point in Chain Reaction early since you always need a stun no matter what. Maxed later for team battles/team ganks.
  • Impalement maxed first for pushing power
  • Agonizing Bonds maxed alnog with Impalement for it's pushing/farming/harassing power.
  • See above for Torment
Level Cookie Cutter Gank and Push Purely Pushing
1 Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
2 Agonizing Bonds Impalement Impalement
3 Agonizing Bonds Impalement Agonizing Bonds
4 Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Impalement
5 Agonizing Bonds Impalement Agonizing Bonds
6 Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Impalement
7 Agonizing Bonds Impalement Agonizing Bonds
8 Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Impalement
9 Impalement Agonizing Bonds Agonizing Bonds
10 Impalement Agonizing Bonds Agonizing Bonds
11 Impalement Agonizing Bonds Agonizing Bonds
12 Impalement Agonizing Bonds Agonizing Bonds
13 Torment Torment Torment
14 Torment Torment Torment
15 Stats Stats Stats
16 Torment Torment Torment
17 Stats Stats Stats
18 Stats Stats Stats
19 Stats Stats Stats
20 Stats Stats Stats
21 Stats Stats Stats
22 Stats Stats Stats
23 Stats Stats Stats
24 Stats Stats Stats
25 Stats Stats Stats


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Starting ItemsПравить

You can never have enough Healing Potions/Runes of the Blight. You want to stay in your lane for as long as possible. Mana Potions are just so you have a source of mana regeneration to continue using your spells. Minor Totems are just for an extra stat boost which equates to extra survivability and a slightly larger mana pool.
Someone on your team should buy a Monkey Courier, but if no one does, buy one and go with a few less consumables to make up the cost.
Never start off with a Bottle alone. By starting off with a Bottle you're missing bonus stat items or other important items such actual consumables. Once you have enough gold, run yourself a Bottle.

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Hucklecat for the List of Items - [1]
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