Name Type Description Examples
name String Name of element addfriend_button
x Distance X position (horizontal plane) 1.5h, -5h, 25, 0
y Distance Y position (vertical plane) 1.5h, -5h, 25, 0
width Distance Width of element 1.5h, -5h, 250, 75%
height Distance Height of element 1.5h, -5h, 250, 75%
align Enum Horizontal alignment right, left, center
valign Enum Vertical alignment top, bottom, center
color Color Background color invisible, #FFFFFF
listwidth Distance Width of list 14h
listpaddingy Distance Padding between list elements 1.0h
itemoffsetx Distance Horizontal offset of item 0
itemoffsety Distance Vertical offset of item 0.5h
itemwidth Distance Width of item 40, 70, 100%
itemheight Distance Height of item 2.3h, 24
highlight Enum Where to highlight under
exteriorscrollbars Boolean Exterior scroll bars shown true, false, 1, 0
watch Trigger Trigger to watch ChatUserEvent

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