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Acolyte's Staff
Acolyte's Staff.jpg
As a student of the hidden forces of Newerth ascends in rank, he is awarded an Acolyte's Staff. By augmenting the acolyte's already impressive mental prowess, the crystalline staff is meant to open the way to the final secrets and eventual masterhood. In these times of strife, however, the staffs have found their way into many bloody and untutored hands.
Location Icon Legendary.png Legendary
Type Filter Intelligence.png Intelligence
Stats +25 Intelligence
Cost 2600
Components Item Builds into
Acolyte's Staff.jpg
Frostfield Plate (4600)
Harkon's Blade (4775)
Kuldra's Sheepstick (5425)


Version 3.8.0

  • Cost decreased from 2700 Gold.png to 2600 Gold.png.

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Acolyte's Staff.jpg
Acolyte's Staff
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