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Alacrity Band
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Alacrity Bands were conjured by The Divine Coterie as a means to quicken their tumbling, juggling, and stage combat in order to further impress their audiences. They didn't care if the crowd was made of peasants or nobles -- they just wanted to put on an amazing show. When a half-drunk and superstitious baron accused them of witchcraft for possessing such agility and ordered them burned at the stake, the performers found another purpose for the Alacrity Bands: defending oneself and attacking one's assailant with a stunning level of speed and zeal. It was a short matter of time before the accessories were carried into battle, and the mass graves began to fill faster than ever.
Location Icon Relics.png Relics
Type Filter Attack Speed.png Attack Speed
Stats +30 Attack Speed
Cost 1200
Components Item Builds into
Alacrity Band.jpg
Alchemist's Bones (1950)
Faux Bow (1900)
Thunderclaw (3000)


Version 3.8.0

  • Added to the game.

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Alacrity Band.jpg
Alacrity Band
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