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Amulet of Exile
Amulet of Exile.jpg
Those who fail in the study of Newerth's secrets, yet nevertheless find favor in the eyes of their masters, are often given Talismans of Exile. These bestow modest magical strength fit for an apprentice as well as certain limited powers that might help the exiled one survive in a hostile world.
Location Icon Initiation.png Initiation
Type Filter Strength.png Strength
Filter Agility.png Agility
Filter Intelligence.png Intelligence
Stats +3 Strength
+3 Agility
+6 Intelligence
Cost 465 (150)
Components Item Builds into
Mark of the Novice (150)
Pretender's Crown (165)
Amulet of Exile.jpg
Frostfield Plate (4600)
Ring of Sorcery (1415)


Version 2.0.24

  • Renamed Talisman of Exile to Amulet of Exile.

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Amulet of Exile.jpg
Amulet of Exile
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