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Blitz Mode was introduced in Version 3.6.2. In this mode, all heroes have drastically lowered cooldowns, in addition to greatly decreased mana costs and high base regeneration. In addition, all heroes receive a marginal increase to movement and attack speed, deal double damage on autoattacks, and passive debuff and stun duration reduction.

In Matchmaking, Blitz Mode is played in Grimm's Crossing as a 5v5 map.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Blitz Mode in Matchmaking uses the Blind Ban pick mode. Each player gets to choose one hero to ban, and ban between teams can overlap.

All players receive a non-removable status effect named "BLITZ MODE!". It has the following effects:

  • +50 Movement Speed
  • +30 Attack Speed
  • 80% Reduced Cooldowns
  • 80% Reduced Mana Costs
  • +5 Health Regeneration
  • +5 Mana Regeneration
  • -40% Debuff reductions
  • -40% Stun reductions
  • Attacks deal double damage

When dealing an attack, your attack damage is added into the final result, rather than directly multiplying it by 2. This causes Critical Strike to only multiply your standard attack damage. For example, a x2.5 Critical Strike would deal x3.5 damage ((1 * 2.5) + 1), and not x5 ((1 + 1) * 2.5).

In addition, charge cooldowns are reduced by 80% as well. Also, the healing effect from the Well/Tarpit grants +1000 Movement Speed.

Beyond this, Blitz Mode plays like the standard game mode in every other regard. The game is won by destroying the enemy's base structure.

Ability Mechanics[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor[edit | edit source]

  • Doctor Repulsor Ludicrous Speed.jpg Ludicrous Speed: Mana Cost to cast Ludicrous Speed as well as Mana drained while traveling are unaffected by Mana Cost reduction.

Moira.jpg Moira[edit | edit source]

  • Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg Ephemeral Forge: The Spirit Mimic does not receive reduced cooldowns, although cooldowns are properly reduced on Moira herself.-->

Kane.jpg Kane[edit | edit source]

The Madman.jpg The Madman[edit | edit source]

  • The Madman Stalk.jpg Stalk: Re-casting Stalk while Stalk is active does not refresh the condition to deal contact damage. Therefore, The Madman must come out of Stealth to be able to deal damage with Stalk again.

Barbed Armor.jpg Barbed Armor[edit | edit source]

  • Cooldown is changed to 8 seconds (after reductions) and activation lasts 3.5 seconds.

Portal Key.jpg Portal Key[edit | edit source]

  • Taking damage sets the Portal Key cooldown to the standard 3 seconds, not 0.6 seconds.