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The list of the most HoN international events since the start of Hontour Season 1. Some other events include Garena Star League 2013, Garena invite cups, Runic Shift Invitational, Soundblaster Heroes League #1 and #2, Honcast Subscriber-powered HoN Invitational, 5v5 Weekly Cups, Paradise League or ClanTours.

Chronological order:
Hontour Season 1
Dreamhack Summer 2013
Dreamhack Winter 2013
Hontour Season 2
Carnage in Caldavar
Hontour Season 3
The Onslaught
Deadeye Bounty League
Dreamhack Summer Warm-up
Dreamhack Summer 2015
Hontour Season 4
Hontour World Finals 2017
Hontour World Finals 2018