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The Deadeye Bounty League was a $20,000 NA/EU online league held in 2015. It was somewhat unorthodox, as it featured long (BO5/BO7) series between teams and financially rewarded teams for each won game. It featured the 2 NA/EU teams from Hontour Season 3 World Finals and 6 teams from the Off-Season qualifier.


The total of $20,000 was split as follows: $100 per game won within the BO5 matches. If the winner manages to get a 3-0 score, he the whole bounty of $500. Then another $500 for getting to Final Bracket. Then $1500/match for RO4, $1,000 for LB RO2, $2,500 for WB Finals, $2,000 for LB Finals, $3,500 for winning Grand Finals.


Invited: Bad Monkey Gaming, Sync esports

From Off-season Qualifier: CompLexity Gaming, Druidz, Reason gaming, DsBn, Team Who, The Solaire Club


Off-season qualifier
Actual event

Group Stages[]

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Dbl finals.png

(All pictures taken from official event page)