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Devo Wars is a custom game mode introduced in Version 3.7.12. It is based on the Warcraft 3 custom map, Pudge Wars.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Every player starts the game as Devourer.jpg Devourer.

The first team to reach 60 kills wins the game. If the game does not end within 20 minutes, the team with the highest amount of kills wins instead.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Players start the game with 50 Gold.png.

Players gain 1 Gold.png and 1.5 Experience every 1.75 seconds.

Respawn times are lowered to 3-5 seconds. Upon respawning, you are invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

Ability[edit | edit source]

Devourer has only one ability: Chain Hook.

Chain Hook
Chain Hook.jpg
Cast Time: 0.35 / 1.05 seconds
Target Position
Range: 5000
Cooldown: 5 seconds
The Devourer launches his Hook at a target unit or location.

At default, the hook deals 235 Physical Damage, travels 1600 units at 1100 speed, and has a touch radius of 70.

For every level up, you can upgrade the hook in the following: Damage, Speed, Range, and Radius. There is no maximum level for each stat upgrade, although there is still the hero level limit of 25.

Hovering over the upgrade will display the current values.

Upgrade Hook: Damage
Upgrade Hook Damage.jpg
Permanently Increases Damage on Hook by 15 Per Level.

Upgrade Hook: Range
Upgrade Hook Range.jpg
Permanently Increases Range on Hook by 120 Per Level.

Upgrade Hook: Speed
Upgrade Hook Speed.jpg
Permanently Increases Speed on Hook by 40 Per Level.

Upgrade Hook: Radius
Upgrade Hook Radius.jpg
Permanently Increases Radius on Hook by 5 Per Level.

When the hook is launched, it will travel in the direction targeted until it reaches its maximum range. The hook can bounce to walls and the center pillar, and the hook will still travels its intended maximum distance. When the hook grabs a hero, it will drag the hero back in the path it took.

When you hook a hero that is currently being pulled by another hook, it will instantly kill it if grabs an enemy (displays as "HEADSHOT" publically) or deny it if it grabs an ally.

Items[edit | edit source]

Main article: Devo Wars/Items

Items can be purchased from Shops, which are located in the back of the middle of each side.

Hook Upgrade: Firehook 250 Gold.png
Devo Wars Firehook.jpg
Creates a zone underneath nearby enemies on hook that explodes, fearing & damaging.
Hook Upgrade: Frosthook 250 Gold.png
Devo Wars Frosthook.jpg
Slows and damages all nearby enemies on hook impact.
Hook Upgrade: Lighthook 225 Gold.png
Devo Wars Lighthook.jpg
When toggled, your hook will phase through allies.
Increases vision on hook.
Hook Upgrade: Hemorrhage 150 Gold.png
Devo Wars Hemorrhage.jpg
Bleeds enemy while hooked.
Upgradeable 3 times.
11%/15%/19% of travel distance.
Hook Upgrade: Life Steal 125 Gold.png
Devo Wars Life Steal.jpg
Heals on Hook Impact.
Upgradeable 3 times.
Heals for 25%/35%/45% Life.
Hook Upgrade: Back Hook 225 Gold.png
Devo Wars Back Hook.jpg
Allows the hook to hit a target on its way back to Devourer.
Hook Upgrade: Bounce Boost 100 Gold.png
Devo Wars Bounce Boost.jpg
Every hook bounce increases the range by 750 to a maximum of 2000
Item: Pebbles Arm 200 Gold.png
Devo Wars Pebbles Arm.jpg
Throws nearby Hero to Target Position.
Item: Shield Wall 140 Gold.png
Devo Wars Shield Wall.jpg
Creates a Collision Surface that Blocks Movement and Reflects Hooks.
Item: Grapple 150 Gold.png
Devo Wars Grapple.jpg
Shoots out a Grappling Line that pulls you to the Target or Pillar.
Hero Upgrade: Speed 50 Gold.png
Devo Wars Speed.jpg
Increases Movespeed by 12.
Upgradeable 5 times.
Hero Upgrade: Level Tome 150 Gold.png
Devo Wars Level Tome.jpg
Increases your hero's level by 1 upon purchase.
Consumable: Healing Ward 25 Gold.png
Devo Wars Healing Ward.jpg
Places a Healing Ward that heals nearby allies.
Consumable: Blind Grenade 10 Gold.png
Devo Wars Blind Grenade.jpg
Throws a grenade to reducing enemy vision and unlink their vision from their team.
Consumable: Flare 10 Gold.png
Devo Wars Flare.jpg
Shoots a flare that grants vision at the target location.
Consumable: Land Mine 10 Gold.png
Devo Wars Land Mine.jpg
Places a land mine that explodes on enemy contact.

Runes[edit | edit source]

Every 20 seconds, a Rune will appear. The Rune will travel along the river. When grabbed, it grants the hero an effect:

Time Rune

Your team gains +150 Movement Speed for 12 seconds.

Electric Hook Rune

Changes you next hook to Super Hook: Electric, which instantly kills an enemy if it grabs one.

Super Hook: Electric
Super Hook Electric.jpg
Cast Time: 0.35 / 1.05 seconds
Target Position
Range: 5000
Cooldown: 5 seconds
The Devourer launches his Hook at a target unit or location.

Super Hook Effects: If landed on an Enemy, instantly kills Target.

Expires on Use or Death.


Bomb Rune

Puts a bomb buff on yourself. After 5 seconds, the bomb explodes and deals 600 Physical Damage and a 2.5 second stun to enemies within 570 radius.

Split Hook Rune

Changes you next hook to Super Hook: Split, launching two additional hooks at 45 degree angles.

Super Hook: Split Hook
Super Hook Split Hook.jpg
Cast Time: 0.35 / 1.05 seconds
Target Position
Range: 5000
Cooldown: 5 seconds
The Devourer launches his Hook at a target unit or location.

Super Hook Effects: Fires 2 Additional Hooks in separate directions.

Expires on Use or Death.


Coin Rune

Gives 100 Gold.png.

Posts[edit | edit source]

On the left and right sides of the river are posts that block movement, but not hooks. If they are targeted with the Grapple item, it will launch you towards the post.