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Flying Courier
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The tragra monkey is one of the quickest and most intelligent of lesser primates, and is a favorite Monkey Courier of jungle witches, Beast shamans, and traveling conjurers. With their nimble hands and strong arms, they are able to carry items to and from bases, and they never forget their way home.
Location Icon Supplies.png Supplies
Type Filter Consumable.png Consumable
Cost 250
Components Item Builds into
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The Flying Courier is a player-controllable version of the Courier. Unlike the personal Courier, it is vulnerable but has access to certain abilities. There are also some stat differences between the two.

Unlike the personal courier, you cannot apply Courier Alt Avatars on this.


When activated, spawns a Flying Courier under your control.

Max of 1 Flying Courier per player.


No Target
Spawns a Flying Courier at your target location.

The Flying Courier can carry items, and deliver and take items from the base and stash. If the Courier dies, it will drop its inventory.

Purchased couriers must be shared for your allies to use it.


Flying Courier[]

Flying Courier
Flying Courier.jpg
Health 6 Hits
Movement Speed 350
Sight Range 300/300
Turn Rate 320
Gold 300/50* Gold.png
Experience 50
Notes Magic Immune
Splash Immune
Can hold items

The Courier is immune to Magic and Splash Damage, and cannot be targeted with abilities, including Physical abilities. On death, it will drop the items it's carrying, and its death will be announced in the game.

The Courier can benefit from flat stat bonuses from items, such as Max Health or Mana, Armor, and Movement Speed. However, due to item sharing mechanics, your own Courier can only benefit from your own items.

While the Flying Courier can receive additional Max Health, the amount of damage it takes when hit is scaled with its Max Health, therefore it does not change how many hits it can take before dying. The Flying Courier also cannot receive additional Health Regeneration.

It cannot carry a Bound Eye, Doom Bringer, Token of Life, or Bananas. It also cannot pick up Runes or Token of Sight.

Speed Boost
[ Q ]
Courier Speed Boost.jpg
No Target Ally Units
Causes the Winged Courier to get a huge Movement Speed burst.
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Applies Burst to Winged Courier for 20 seconds.

Burst Effects
+10000% Movement Speed

Courier Shield
[ W ]
Courier Courier Shield.jpg
No Target Ally Units
An impenetrable shield surrounds this unit, protecting it from all damage and spells for 4 seconds.
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Applies Courier Shield to Winged Courier for 4 seconds.

Courier Shield Effects

[ E ]
Courier Delivery.jpg
No Target
Causes the Courier to run to your hero and drop all items you own into your inventory if you have room.
Transfers owned items to hero.

Homeward Bound
[ R ]
Courier Homeward Bound.jpg
No Target
Causes the Courier to run back to the base.
Runs to the nearest friendly well.


Version 3.9.0

  • Re-introduced to the game as a stand-alone item.
    • Sight radius changed from 400/400 to 300/300

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Flying Courier
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