Heroes of Newerth Wiki


Ancients (DotA term)   The place where the big neutrals spawn
Big / Hard Neutrals Creeps in the jungle with hard difficulty
Bot Bottom lane
Camp Creeps in the jungle(their spawn)
Jungle The Forest
Kong / Rosh / Roshan / Baron The place where Kongor spawns in the center of the map
Lane The on which creeps move towards each other
Mid Middle Lane
Mini Camp / Easy Neutrals Creeps in the jungle with easy difficulty
Top Top Lane
Woods Another word for the "Jungle / Forest"


AGI Agility
INT Intelligence
STR Strength


Suicide A hero that goes the long lane either fighting against 1 vs 2 / 1 vs 3
Jungler A hero that can go and level up or farm easily in the "Jungle / Forest / Woods"
Initiator / Mid / Ganker A hero that effective at ganking and farming the mid lane
Support A hero that has supportive skills and should help the team in fights
Carry A hero is strong effective in farming toward late game and does "TONS OF DAMAGE"


BH Bloodhunter
Bomb Bombardier
BS Blacksmith
CD Corrupted Disciple
Dev / Devo Devourer
DM Drunken Master
DR Doctor Repulsor
DS Demented Shaman
DW Deadwood
Engi Engineer
EW Emerald Warden
FA Forsaken Archer
Hag Wretched Hag
HB Hellbringer
KOTF / Tree / Treant Keeper of the Forest
Lego / Legio Legionnaire
MB Magebane
MM Madman
MOA Master of Arms
MQ MoonQueen
Myrm Myrmidon
NH Night Hound
Para Parasite
PR Plague Rider
Rhap Rhapsody
Prisoner Prisoner 945
SB Swift Blade / Shadow Blade
Sols Solstice
SR Soul Reaper
SS Soulstealer
SW Sand Wraith
TB Thunderbringer
TDL The Dark Lady
Valk / Priestess Valkyrie
WB Warbeast
WS Wildsoul / Witch Slayer


Assault Cuirass / Daemonic / Demo Daemonic Breastplate
Basher Brutalizer
Boots Marchers/Striders/Plated Greaves/Ghost Marchers/Post Haste
BoT / Boots of Travel Post Haste
Counter Wards / Rev Wards / Sentries Ward of Revelation
Chick / Chicken / Cour Monkey Courier
Gem / Eye Bound Eye
Gen Genjuro
Ghost / Phase Ghost Marchers
Heart Behemoth's Heart
Helm / Vanguard Helm of the Black Legion
Hex / Sheepstick Kuldra's Sheepstick
Mock / Radiance Mock of Brilliance
Null Null Stone
PK / Blink / Blink Dagger Portal Key
Resto Restoration Stone
Rifts / Crits Shards Riftshards
Mana Ring Ring of Sorcery
RoT Ring of the Teacher
Sange Icebrand
BKB / Shrunken Head Shrunken Head
Shroud / Wind Walk Assassin's Shroud
SnY Frostburn
Sols Sol's Bulwark
SOTM / Staff / Ulti Stick Staff of the Master
Tablet / Push Staff / ToC Tablet of Command
Token / Aegis Token of Life
Cyclone Stormspirit
TP / Teleport Homecoming Stone
Treads Steamboots
Vest Mystic Vestments
Void Void Talisman
Wards Ward of Sight
Yasha Firebrand


AOE Area of Effect
APM Actions Per Minute
B Go back
BB Buyback
BD Backdoor
BG Bad Game
CC15 Concede at 15 minutes
CC Crowd Control
Check Scout
DOT Damage Over Time
DPS Damage Per Second
Farm Earning gold
Fed A player got a lot of items / gold
FFS For Fucking Sake
Gank When a group of players kills a single opponent
GG Good Game
GJ Good Job
GL HF Good Luck, Have Fun
GPM Gold Per Minute
Juke Escaping an enemy who is chasing you or avoiding their attacks by using fog of war / terrain to your advantage
Kite When a ranged hero or casters avoids attacks from another (usually melee) hero and does small bits of damage from a distance to gain an advantage
KS Kill Steal
MIA Missing In Action
MMR Match Making Rating
Noob / Scrub new / unexperience player
OJ Orange player; the Hellbourne counterpart is Brown
OMW On My Way
OOM Out of Mana
OP Overpowered
Push Push the lane by killing creeps / towers
PSR Public Stats Rating
Pub / Pubs Public Games
Pub Train / Choo Choo Full team or group of players moving together around the map
Rage The act of getting angry at the team
Rage quit The act of quitting a game due to rage
Racks Barracks (Melee / Ranged)
SS / MISS Missing
Turtle Defend the base, Play it safe
Ulti/ Ult The 4th skill
Up the courier Upgrade the courier
WP Well played


Care Short for "careful", used to warn teammates who may be in a dangerous position
Focus A term used when a hero or player for various reasons may pose a bigger threat than the rest of his/her team and is thus a priority target in any fight
L2P Learn To Play
Overextending Unfavorable positioning usually as a result of greed
Pull Pulling jungle creeps into the lane for regular lane creeps to follow them out of the lane
Rambo To careless run in to a fight and die alone against more than one enemy hero
Stack Hitting a creep in the Jungle at 55 seconds and making it follow you out of its spawn so that a new set of creeps spawns in the mean time
Stacked More than one set of creeps is in the creep camp
TEAM?! A player carelessly jumps in to a fight, dies and blames his team for not reacting fast enough
This team... Means that the player feels like everyone on his/her team is worse than him/her
Tryhard You are playing with the effort to win and the opponents therefor hate you
Wooden PC / Walmart Connection Your computer is loading really slow