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Homecoming Stone
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By drawing upon the invisible bonds that exist between all beings--even daemons--and their home, Homecoming Stones can whisk a soldier across the field of battle and back to a building that he deems a safe haven. Many a hero has escaped a dangerous scrape by means of these blessed rocks.
Location Icon Supplies.png Supplies
Icon Outpost.png Outpost
Type Filter Consumable.png Consumable
Notes Can double-activate
Cost 50
Components Item Builds into
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When activated, teleports self to target structure. Requires channeling for 4 seconds to Tier 1 Towers, 3.5 seconds to Tier 2 Towers, and 3 seconds to everything else.

Shares cooldown with Post Haste.


Target Position Ally Buildings
Range: 99999
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 65 seconds
Use on an allied structure and after a channel time, teleports you to that structure.

Channeling requires you to not move your hero or get interrupted for a duration.

  • Teleports to the nearest friendly building from the target position.
  • Towers are Disarmed while a unit is teleporting to them. Additional units teleporting to the disarmed tower will extend the disarm duration by 3 seconds.
  • Destroys trees in 150 radius of teleport position.
  • Disjoints and unbinds projectiles from user upon finishing channeling.
  • Double-activating will teleport you back to your Well/Tarpit.


Version 4.0.0

  • Cost reduced from 100 Gold.png to 50 Gold.png.
  • You can no longer accidentally teleport behind your ally Well.

Version 3.8.0

  • Cost decreased from 135 Gold.png to 100 Gold.png.

Version 3.1.0

  • It now takes 4 seconds to teleport to any level 1 Tower, 3.5 seconds to any level 2 Tower, and 3 seconds to anything inside your base.
  • New effects for the target of a teleport

Version 2.0.27

  • Now disarms the tower you teleport into for 3 seconds (begins at the start of the channel)
  • Adds an additional 3 seconds to the disarm for every additional teleport while it is still disarmed
    • First disarms for 3s total, length of the channel
    • Second disarms for 6s total, 3s seconds past channel
    • Third disarms for 9s total, 6s seconds past channel, etc

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Homecoming Stone
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