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Hontour season 4 started in August of 2015, once again featuring top teams from the NA/EU region competing over 8 cycles for prize money and invitation to HoN Tour World Finals 2016. This time a new format was introduced in the Diamond division. This time, 8 top teams fight in a bo2 group stage, with top 4 teams advancing to a double elimination bracket where two best seeds start in upper bracket. Relegation matches were introduced as well - bottom two teams from the diamond division now face top 2 teams from gold division to determine who will advance and who will drop.


Community funding was once again introduced to raise the prizepool of each cycle.

Final prizepools:
Cycle 1: $25,346
Cycle 2: $18,423
Cycle 3: $19,202
Cycle 4: $17,642
Cycle 5: $17,860
Cycle 6: $18,661
Cycle 7: $32,259
Cycle 8: $14,807
World Finals: $116,516.16


VODs and links[]

Cycle 1 teams and results (external)

Cycle 2 teams and results (external)

Cycle 3 teams and results (external)

Cycle 4 teams and results (external)

Cycle 5 teams and results (official hontour page)

Cycle 6 teams and results (external)

Cycle 7 teams and results (external)

Cycle 8 teams and results (external)

Official playlist of top plays from cycles 1,2,3,4 and 6

Cycle 1

1st: compLexity Gaming

2nd: Sync eSports

3rd: Reason Gaming

4th: Bad Monkey Gaming

5-6th: Fresh, Chopstick Gaming

7-8th: Revolution, Sauna eSports

Cycle 2

1st: Fresh

2nd: ex-Sync eSports

3rd: compLexity Gaming

4th: Evil Corporation

5-6th: Bad Monkey Gaming, Sauna eSports

7-8th: Revolution, REXXARSREBORN

Cycle 3

1st: compLexity Gaming

2nd: Bad Monkey Gaming

3rd: Evil Corporation

4th: Reason Gaming

5-6th: Fresh, Panny's Boys

7-8th: REXXARSREBORN, Revolution

Cycle 4

1st: Evil Corporation

2nd: Sync eSports

3rd: Revolution

4th: Fresh

5-6th: compLexity Gaming, Bad Monkey Gaming

7-8th: Reason Gaming, The Mystery Gang

Cycle 5

1st: compLexity Gaming

2nd: Sync eSports

3rd: Bad Monkey Gaming

4th: Fresh

5-6th: Evil Corporation, TwoZero

7-8th: Nightmare Knights, The Mystery Gang

Cycle 6

1st: Sync eSports

2nd: compLexity Gaming

3rd: Bad Monkey Gaming

4th: Fresh

5-6th: Evil Corporation, Polymorph

7-8th: TwoZero, Nightmare Knights

Cycle 7

1st: Sync eSports

2nd: Evil Corporation

3rd: compLexity Gaming

4th: Fresh

5-6th: Pingudancers eSports, LGT Gaming

7-8th: Bad Monkey Gaming, Polymorph

Cycle 8

1st: Evil Corporation

2nd: Sync eSports

3rd: compLexity Gaming

4th: Bad Monkey Gaming

5-6th: Fresh, Pingudancers eSports

7-8th: Polymorph, LGT Gaming

HoN Tour World Finals 2016[]


CompLexity Gaming and Sync eSports advanced to the World Finals to represent NA/EU region, along with Russian team Meka to represent CIS and Malaysian team Wingbow Gaming to represent SEA. In the finals at Bangkok, they were met by 4 home teams - Signature.Snoop Dog, MiTH. Phoenix dafa, MRR and Kimochii.


1st: MRR

2nd: CompLexity Gaming

3rd-4th: MiTH, Sync eSports

5-6th: Signature.Snoop Dog, Kimochii

7-8th: Wingbow Gaming, Meka

Official player interviews


For the first time in history, World Finals were won by a Thai team, as MRR confirm their victory from Dreamhack Summer by another LAN win. However, this marked the end of the HoN Tour seasons in NA/EU. The region was invited for the finals for the following two finals in 2016 and 2017 though with qualifiers beforehand.