As there was no official HoN Tour season 5, the NA/EU representative was chosen in a direct qualifier tournament. There, the winning team joins 2 best Thai and one SEA team to decide the world champion, bringing home the biggest share of the 4 million THB = 113282 USD prizepool. Casted by BreakyCPK and Ragroste, the event took place on 1st and 2nd April 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand yet again.

Teams and results


The NA/EU was won by the Team Beer team consisting of Boxi, INsania, Xibbe, `Makke and M`ICKe who were picked up by the Fnatic organization for the tournament. SEA was represented by the Malaysian Aghanim team of Ah Bi, Naaim, Hao, Jepp and Lukman. Thailand was represented by the favorites Neolution eSports, who won the Thai qualifiers consisting of Lord`Mikael`, Sakurada, `5678, Wolfheim and EU veteran Zlapped, followed up by team Phoenix MiXs, consisting of duiduiqu, Esc`, Chitawan`D69, `Boxser_ and ``PTY__.


Upper bracket:

Fnatic 2 - 1 MiXs

Agh 0 - 2 NE

Upper bracket final:

Fnatic 2 - 0 NE

Lower bracket:

MiXs 1 - 0 Agh

Lower bracket final:

NE 0 - 1 MiXs

Grand final:

Fnatic 3 - 1 MiXs

Fnatic became the World champions for the year 2017, bringing back the trophy to the NA/EU region.

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