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Similar to previous world finals, there was no HoN Tour season 6, so the NA/EU representative was chosen in a direct qualifier tournament. There, the winning team joins 3 best Thai and one SEA team to decide the world champion, bringing home the biggest share of the 2 million THB = 64039.12 USD prizepool. The event took place on 31st March and 1st April in Bangkok, Thailand yet again, however, this time without coverage by Breaky nor Frostburn, as the production was fully handled by Garena.

NA/EU open qualifiers[]

Final 4 team HoN tour team rosters:[]

Reason Gaming: TiMe2DiE, ArchiTigeR, AddroW, Tolgfors, Cpt_kirk and Blanks

Avengerss: Imbaboy, Superkge, BeaverBanger, Z4NE, `love, ActinLikeAHo

Team Farang: _Trumpsta, WhaT_YoU_GoT, Ramenski, Slaskedyret, asat8, CriminalAce, Ass_Hunt3r

Team Beer: Massera, baltazar`, `Makke, Xibbe, Boxi, m`iCKe, DIFFF

Results: (Source)[]

Upper bracket:

Team Beer 0 - 2 Team Farang

Avengerss 2 - 0 Reason Gaming

Upper bracket final:

Team Farang 2 - 0 Avengerss

Lower bracket:

Team Beer 2 - 1 Reason Gaming

Lower bracket final:

Team Beer 2 - 0 Avengerss

Grand final:

Team Farang 0 - 2 Team Beer

Team Beer won the qualifier second year in a row, and went on to be signed by Neolution eSports, known as NeoES.BE3R.

Teams and results[]


M4L4 Esports: __G1__, `Avalonz, `LuxiphErz`, `taotao`, LeafMONSTER

NeoES.BE3R: Boxi, Massera, Baltazar`, Xibbe, Zlapped

Victory.DD0G: `fAfoamm, `Nutalomlok`, iPx`_, Mel2uem`, Middle``No1

vGx: ahBi_`, Barry`Allen, goD`zB, JustnMe, TitanEra

SeTH.MX: duiduiqu, Fouradd`, Kanon``Pang, nAdOnG_, RaDub`Patez


1st: SeTH.MX

2nd: DD0G

3rd: M4LA

4th: NeoES.BE3R

5th: vGx

Thai team SeTH.MX took over the tournament with a clean 3-0 swipe in the finals, reclaiming the World champion trophy for the east again. This event turned out to be the last HoN Tour World Finals.


Day 1 full stream

Day 2 full stream

Top 5 plays compilation by Tobakaz


`fAfoamm was the first woman to reach the HoN Tour World Finals stage (as the position 5 captain of Victory.DD0G).

While Boxi was a member of the NeoES.BE3R team, he was also a fulltime member of the Alliance Dota 2 team.