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Logger's Hatchet
Logger's Hatchet.jpg
Location Icon Weapons.png Weapons
Icon Outpost.png Outpost
Type Filter Damage.png Damage
Filter Activatable.png Activatable
Stats +18 Damage vs. Enemy Non-Hero Units (Melee Only)
+8 Damage vs. Enemy Non-Hero Units (Ranged Only)
Cost 150
Components Item Builds into
Logger's Hatchet.jpg
Runed Cleaver (4000)


Contains a Creep Damage Modifier which does not stack. The bonus damage granted by this item does not stack with Runed Cleaver.jpg Runed Cleaver or itself and does not increase the damage from splash/cleave.

Increases attack damage against non-hero units. Can be used to chop down a target tree (half cooldown if tree is cut down) or hit a creep. Does not refund any gold when sold.


Target Unit
Range: 600
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Destroys target tree or deals your Attack Damage to an enemy creep, gadget or ward.

Cooldown is set to 20 seconds if targeting a tree, gadget or ward.

  • Does not deal the increased percentage damage from the Passive effect.
  • Cannot be thrown at Bosses.
  • The Hatchet has a projectile speed of 900.


Version 4.8.6

  • Bonus Attack Damage against non-hero units reduced from 30/12 to 18/8 when wielded by a Melee/Ranged unit, respectively.
  • Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds when used on a tree, gadget or ward.
  • Cost reduced from 200 Gold.png Gold to 150 Gold.png Gold.

Version 4.8.0

  • Bonus Damage dealt to non-hero units when wielded by a Ranged Hero reduced from 15 to 12.

Version 4.5.3

  • Cost reduced from 225 Gold.png to 200 Gold.png.
  • Bonus Attack Damage vs Creeps changed from 32% bonus Damage to a static 30 bonus Damage.
  • Ranged bonus Damage changed from 12% to a static 15.

Version 4.1.0

  • Cast time decreased from 200ms to 0ms.

Version 4.0.0

  • Its activation can now target gadgets. Goes on a 15 second cooldown when used in this manner.
    • This includes wards.

Version 3.5.0

  • Can be sold, but for 0 Gold.

Version 3.2.6

  • Passive bonus damage vs. creeps no longer works when Hatchet is thrown.
  • Can no longer be thrown at Bosses.
  • Now deals 50% damage to Siege units to match Combat Type (from 100% damage).

Version 2.0.30

  • Increased Cast Range to 600 from 100.
  • Can now be thrown at enemy creeps:
    • Deals your attack damage to target on impact
    • Cooldown is set to 30 seconds when targeting a creep, retains 15 second cooldown when used on trees

Version 1.0.15

  • No longer works on Bosses.

Version 1.0.5

  • No longer works with Splash damage.

Version 0.3.0

  • Can now be sold within the 15 seconds of buying it.

Version 0.1.42

  • Added.


  • The ability to throw the Hatchet to a creep was a mechanic carried over from a cancelled item, the Trophy Belt, which was to have an activation which instantly killed lane creeps.
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Logger's Hatchet
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