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Minor Totem
Minor Totem.jpg
A simple homage to one of the lesser woodland spirits worshipped by the beasts, Minor Totems provide a sort of general confidence that manifests itself in a slight boost to all attributes.
Location Icon Accessories.png Accessories
Icon Outpost.png Outpost
Type Filter Strength.png Strength
Filter Agility.png Agility
Filter Intelligence.png Intelligence
Stats +1 Strength
+1 Agility
+1 Intelligence
Cost 50
Components Item Builds into
Minor Totem.jpg
Orb of Zamos (300)
Power Supply (540)
Refreshing Ornament (550)
Shield of the Five (800)
Soultrap (800)


Version 4.1.0

  • Cost decreased from 53 Gold.png to 50 Gold.png.

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Minor Totem.jpg
Minor Totem
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