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Mystic Vestments
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Spun with infinite patience by the deft fingers of Beast weavers, Mystic Vestments are as much a symbol of faith as they are a practical defense. Nevertheless, because each thread is blessed with prayers for protection-and coated with special oils known only to Beast shamans-these thin shirts are often prized by warriors seeking magical defense.
Location Icon Relics.png Relics
Icon Outpost.png Outpost
Type Filter Armor.png Armor
Filter Modifier.png Modifier
Stats +5 Magic Armor
Modifier Magic Armor Modifier
Cost 500
Components Item Builds into
Mystic Vestments.jpg
Shaman's Headdress (2050)
Nome's Wisdom (2050)


Version 3.2.0

  • Cost increased to 500 from 400.

Version 0.1.37

  • Cost reduced to 400 from 650.

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Mystic Vestments.jpg
Mystic Vestments
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