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Nullfire Blade
Nullfire Blade.jpg
Forged on a plane of Hell devoid of matter or energy, the Nullfire Blade seeks always to destroy magic around it, whether by burning it out of a foe or stripping him of enchantments. In addition, the vortex of emptiness it projects around itself bestows both speed and insight to one who wields it.
Location Icon Morph Attack.png Morph Attack
Type Filter Agility.png Agility
Filter Modifier.png Modifier
Stats +3 Strength
+26 Agility
+3 Intelligence
Modifier Mana Combustion Modifier
Notes Can be upgraded 2 times
Cost 3300/4160/5020 (860)
Components Item Builds into
Quickblade (1000)
Quickblade (1000)
Soulscream Ring (440)
Nullfire Blade.jpg

Nullfire Blade is a Combative item in Heroes of Newerth.


This item's Mana Burn effect does not stack with itself. Burns the targets mana, dealing damage based on the mana burnt.

Can be upgraded 2 times. Level 3 activation dispels buffs on the target.



On Attack Impact
Burns up to 40/60/80 of the targets Mana and deals Physical Damage equal to 50% of the Mana burnt.

This effect propagates to illusions for 33% of power.

  • Adds 20/30/40 Physical Damage to each attack, provided the target has at least 40/60/80 Mana.


Enemy Units
Type - Magic
Range: 700
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Target an enemy unit to apply a Tapering 60% Movement Speed Slow to them for 4 seconds. Deals 1000 True Damage to summoned units and instantly kills illusions.
  • The final level of Nullfire Blade also dispels buffs on enemies.


Version 4.3.3

  • Mana Burn per attack decreased from 50/75/100 to 40/60/80.

Version 4.3.0

  • Mana Burn increased from 45 to 50.
  • Physical Damage reduced from 80% to 50% of the Mana Burnt.
  • Recipe can now be purchased 2 more times after item is purchased.
    • Total cost is 3300/4160/5020 Gold.png.
  • Each recipe purchase increases Mana Burn by 25.
    • Total Mana Burn is now 50/75/100.
  • The final level of Nullfire Blade.jpg Nullfire Blade now dispels buffs on enemies.

Version 4.2.0

  • Moved from Combative to Morph Attack section.

Version 4.1.3

  • Can now activate and target an enemy unit to apply a Tapering 60% Movement Speed Slow to them for 4 seconds.
    • This item's active ability has a 14 second cooldown and a 700 Cast Range.

Version 4.1.2

  • Fleetfeet.jpg Fleetfeet (450 Gold.png) in recipe replaced with Soulscream Ring.jpg Soulscream Ring (440 Gold.png).
  • Recipe cost increased from 700 Gold.png to 860 Gold.png.
    • Total cost increased from 3150 Gold.png to 3300 Gold.png.
  • Agility bonus decreased from 30 to 26.
  • Now passively gives +3 Strength and Intelligence.
  • Active effect removed.
  • Mana burn increased from 26 to 45 per hit.
  • Damage based on Mana burned increased from 60% to 80%.
  • Now gives 200% Bonus Attack Damage against summoned units and illusions.

Version 4.1.0

  • No longer able to purge yourself.

Version 3.9.0

  • Mana Burn per autoattack increased from 24 to 26

Version 3.8.0

  • No longer upgrades.
    • Recipe cost is still 700g; total cost unchanged.
  • Apprentice's Robe.jpg Apprentice's Robe removed from the recipe, replaced with Fleetfeet.jpg Fleetfeet.
  • 6 Intelligence removed.
  • Agility increased from 22 to 30.
  • Burn amount increased from 20 to 24 per attack.
  • Burn damage decreased from 100% to 60% of mana burned.
  • Nullfire Blade's active now deals 1000 damage to summoned units instead of instantly killing them.

Version 3.3.0

  • Cooldown decreased from 20 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • Range increased from 600 to 700.
  • Recipe cost decreased from 800 Gold.png to 700 Gold.png.
    • Total cost decreased from 3250 Gold.png to 3150 Gold.png.

Version 2.6.34

  • Now propagates to illusions, but illusions burn 6.67/12 Mana.

Version 2.6.24

  • Recipe cost decreased from 850 Gold.png to 800 Gold.png.
    • Total cost decreased from 3300 Gold.png to 3250 Gold.png.

Version 2.6.7

  • No longer kills allied illusions.

Version 2.2.7

  • Cooldown changed from 12/20 seconds to 20 seconds.

Version 2.1.0

  • Moved category to Combative.

Version 2.0.34/35

  • Level 1 Nullfire Blade cooldown decreased from 20 seconds. to 12 seconds

Version 2.0.30

  • Upgraded version now has infinite charges.
  • Cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.

Version 2.0.17

  • No longer propagates to illusions.

Version 2.0.14

  • Upgrading now adds 8 charges instead of refreshing charges to 8.

Version 0.3.6

Version 0.3.5

  • Activation no longer ignores Magic Immunity.

Version 0.1.63

  • Damage from Mana burnt increased from 80% to 100%.

Version 0.1.47

  • Nullfire Blade again does bonus damage based on the mana burned

Version 0.1.42

  • Can now be upgraded a second time.
    • Mana burnt changed from 27 to 20/32.
    • Damage from Mana burnt increased from 75% to 80%.
  • Activation now instantly kills summoned units.
  • Charges decreased from 10 to 8.
  • No longer enters "targeting mode" with 0 charges.

Version 0.1.35

  • Fixed a bug causing Nullfire blade to be created with 0 charges when the final component was given to a hero from a courier

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Nullfire Blade
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