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Runes are special pickups that spawn in the map and grant various powerful effects when picked up.


Runes begin to spawn at 2:00, and every 2 minutes after (For Mid Wars, Runes spawn at 1:00 then every minute after). Runes will not spawn if there already is a non-Refreshment Rune on the map. The same type of rune cannot spawn twice in a row. If a Rune spawns where a Refreshment Rune is in, the Refreshment Rune is lost.

Runes can be stored inside an empty Bottle.jpg Bottle. Simply right-clicking the Rune with an empty Bottle will bottle the Rune. Once bottled, the Rune can be stored for up to 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the Rune will be automatically used. The timer decreases even during death, so if the timer runs out while your Hero is dead, the Rune is effectively wasted. Once the bottled Rune is used, your Bottle will be filled to full charges. Picking up a Refreshment Rune fills the Bottle to 2/3 charges instead.

Runes can also be used to charge an Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone. Using an uncharged Ioyn Stone on a major Rune will charge the Ioyn Stone, which can be used to give an ally hero or yourself a weakened effect of the Rune. Using an Ioyn Stone on a Refreshment Rune will consume it.

Runes can be manually attacked, and have 75 Health.


In Forests of Caldavar, there are two Rune spawn locations in both sides of the river. A Rune will spawn in one of those locations. A Refreshment Rune will also spawn in the other location.

In Mid Wars, there is only one Rune spawn location, close to the middle lane. Since there is only one place a rune can spawn, Refreshment Runes do not spawn in Mid Wars.

In Grimm's Crossing and Rift Wars, one Rune spawns in the center of the map. Refreshment Runes do not spawn in this map.

List of Runes[]

Double Damage Haste Invisibility Mystic Illusions Regeneration
Icon Double Damage.jpg
Icon Bottle Double Damage.jpg
When activated, gives the Hero a +100% Base Damage buff for 45 seconds.
Icon Haste.jpg
Icon Bottle Haste.jpg
When activated, gives the Hero a +10000% Movement Speed and 100% Slow Resistance buff for 30 seconds, effectively setting their Movement Speed to maximum for the duration.
Icon Invisibility.jpg
Icon Bottle Invisibility.jpg
When activated, grants Stealth for 60 seconds with a fade time of 2 seconds. Stealth is broken by attacking or using abilities or items. The fade time is a separate effect from the actual invisibility, and you may perform any action without breaking stealth before the actual invisibility takes place.
Icon Illusion.jpg
Icon Bottle Illusion.jpg
When activated, creates 2 Illusions that deal 35% damage and take 300% damage for 75 seconds. Applies Mystic to the affected hero for 45 seconds. Mystic grants 30% Reduced Cooldown and 30% Reduced Mana Costs.
Icon Regeneration.jpg
Icon Bottle Regeneration.jpg
Grants +6% Health Regeneration and +10% Mana Regeneration for 30 seconds or until your Health and Mana are completely full. Regeneration is removed if you take any damage.
Power Merrick's Refreshment (Legacy)
Icon Power.jpg
Power Rune.jpg
Icon Bottle Power.jpg
This Rune is only obtainable by killing Zorgath. When activated, it grants the Hero the effects of all Runes except Refreshment/Merrick's - Double Damage, Haste, Illusion, Invisibility and Regeneration. Illusions also gain the effects of the Power Rune when spawned.
Icon Merrick's.jpg
Merrick's Rune.jpg
Upon picked up, it gives 35 Gold, plus 2 Gold per minute of elapsed game time (excluding the pregame time) and restores 135 Health & 80 Mana over 3 seconds that is dispelled on damage, same as a single Bottle use. When bottled, it refills your Bottle to 3/3.
Icon Refreshment.jpg
Refreshment Rune.jpg
Icon Bottle 2 3.jpg
When activated without an empty Bottle, it restores 135 Health and 70 Mana over 3 seconds and is dispelled on damage, same as a single Bottle use. When bottled, it refills your Bottle to 2/3.


Version 4.8.4

  • New Rune: Merrick's Rune
  • Replaces Refreshment Rune in the game.
  • Restores 135 Health and 80 Mana over 3 seconds and is dispelled on damage (same as a single Bottle.jpg Bottle use).
  • Grants 35 Gold, plus 2 Gold per minute of elapsed game time (excluding the pregame time).
  • When bottled, it refills your Bottle.jpg Bottle to full (3/3), behaving the same as a regular rune.
    • Previously filled to 2/3 when it was Refreshment Rune.
  • If targeted via Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone, the rune will be consumed and gives Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone 2 charges (the same as before with Refreshment Rune).
    • Gives the user of Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone the gold benefits of the rune immediately when this occurs. The gold benefits do not transfer to the Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone charges.

Version 4.7.3

  • Mystic Illusion Rune no longer stacks with Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire of Power's Cooldown Reduction.
  • Power Rune now properly applies the Mystic state to the hero that picked it up.

Version 4.7.2

  • New Rune: Mystic Illusion Rune
    • Replaces Illusion Rune.
      • Illusion Rune has been renamed to Mystic Illusion Rune.
    • In addition to the Illusion rune's current effects, now also applies Mystic for 45 seconds.
      • Mystic grants 30% Reduced Cooldown and 30% Reduced Mana Costs.

Version 3.1.0

  • Added a new Rune: Rune of Refreshment
    • Spawns at the opposite location and at the same time as the normal Rune spawn
    • When picked up, this Rune will restore 135 Health and 70 Mana over 3 seconds. Dispels on damage.
    • If bottled, refills the Bottle to 2/3 full
    • Will not appear unless a normal Rune would as well

Version 2.6.34

  • Renamed to Runes from Tablets.

Version 2.2.4

  • The same rune can no longer spawn twice in a row!

Version 1.0.5

  • Invis Rune now has a 2s fade time. Any spell, ability, or item can be used in this fade time without ending the stealth.


  • Runes were once officially called Tablets, but very few players referred them as such, even by S2.