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Sacrificial Stone (Pre-2.6.8)
Sacrificial Stone Old.jpg
All it takes is the heart of an innocent--tormented to the point of despair before being ripped untimely from its host--to create the bleeding rock known as a Sacrificial Stone. These accursed but prized artifacts both bestow and restore Health and Magic, and boost the rate at which one learns from battle. Despite these many boons, only the most desperate warrior would claim such a thing.
Stats +450 Max Health
+400 Max Mana
+10 Damage
+6 Health Regeneration
+150% Mana Regeneration
Notes Can Disassemble
Cost 5050
Components Item Builds into
Icon of the Goddess (3250)
Sustainer (1700)
Sacrificial Stone Old.jpg

This version of the Sacrificial Stone was a direct port of DotA's Bloodstone. On Version 2.6.8, Sacrificial Stone was remade to its current version, becoming an upgraded Grave Locket with the "gain experience while dead" feature, and the mechanics for gaining Health and Mana Regeneration enemy per hero death was moved to Icon of the Goddess.


Upon death, respawn time and gold loss is reduced based on charges. Adds a charge when a nearby enemy hero dies.


+1 Mana Regeneration per charge

+.25 Health Regen per charge

+25 Max Health per charge

On Death:
-Removes half of the current charges
-Heal allies for 400 + (Charges x 25) Health in a 1700 radius.
-With 1 or more charges, you will respawn 3 seconds faster and lose 25 less gold per charge.
-Continue to gain experience and vision at the location you died, until respawn.

Adds one charge per enemy Hero death in range.

  • Gains charges when an enemy hero dies within 1000 range.
  • Does not heal Magic Immune allies.
  • Grants 1800 day and night vision around your death location until respawn.
  • Charges are capped at 99.


Version 2.6.8

Version 2.0.9

  • Added +10 damage (from Sustainer.jpg Sustainer)
  • Fixed a bug where you could put the stone on a non-hero unit and it wouldn't lose charges
  • Fixed it so that the wielder must be a hero in order to get charges added to it.

Version 0.1.65

  • Now grants 25 Max Health and 0.25 Health Regeneration per charge.

Version 0.1.47

  • No longer gets charges from illusions

Version 0.1.45

  • Reworked:
    • Gains 1 charge when a hero dies within 1000 units of you
    • Now grants +1 Mana Regen per charge
    • Loses half charges on death
    • Heals allies around you for 400+25xCharges and decreases gold loss by 25xCharges when you die
    • Respawn time is reduced by 3 seconds per charge when you die

Version 0.1.35

  • If a hero has more than one Sacrificial Stone, only the first Sacrificial Stone will gain and lose charges from hero kills
  • Reduced health and mana regeneration per charge on Sacrificial Stone to 1.5 (from 2), and lowered passive mana regeneration to 150% (from 200%)

Version 0.1.30

  • No longer lose a charge if wielder dies with a Token of Life
  • Now gains charges from indirect kills (kills by owned gadgets, pets, or illusions)

Version 0.1.28

  • Gadget no longers spawns from illusions.

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