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Shaman's Headdress
Shaman's Headdress.jpg
Adorned with the feathers of the six holy birds of the Beast Horde, a Shaman's Headdress bestows mystic protection while simultaneously revitalizing the wearer and mending his wounds.
Location Icon Protective.png Protective
Type Filter Armor.png Armor
Filter Regeneration.png Regeneration
Filter Modifier.png Modifier
Stats +10 Health Regeneration
+10 Magic Armor
10% Stun & Debuff Duration Reduction
Modifier Magic Armor Modifier
Notes Can Disassemble
Cost 2050
Components Item Builds into
Lifetube (850)
Mystic Vestments (500)
Trinket of Restoration (350)
Trinket of Restoration (350)
Shaman's Headdress.jpg
Barrier Idol (3650)


This item contains a passive Magic Armor bonus which does not stack with other Magic Armor items.


Version 4.1.0

  • Bonus Health Regeneration increased from 9 to 10.
  • Now also passively grants 10% Debuff and Stun duration reduction.

Version 3.2.3

  • Recipe changed to include a Lifetube.jpg Lifetube instead of Helm of the Victim.jpg Helm of the Victim.
    • Total cost decreased to 1975 Gold.png from 2050 Gold.png.
  • Increased Health Regeneration to +9 from +8.

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Shaman's Headdress.jpg
Shaman's Headdress
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