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Strikers of Newerth is a custom game mode introduced in Version 3.9.4.


Strikers of Newerth is a game of association football (a.k.a. football/soccer) played on Heroes of Newerth. The objective of the game is to score points by getting the ball into the other team's goal, with each goal scoring one point. The win condition in Strikers of Newerth is different, however: the game is won when a team scores 10 points or whichever team scored the most goals within the 20 minute mark. In case of a tie, whichever team scored the last goal wins the game. The rules are simplified as well: players can freely kick the ball in and out of the field line, there is no off-side, there is no foul system, etc. The ball simply needs to go into the other team's goal through whatever means.

There is no Gold of Experience in Strikers of Newerth. All heroes start and end the game with the same stats and powers.

Heroes use an Energy system instead of Mana. Max Energy is capped at 100 and all heroes regenerate 5 Energy per second.

All heroes also have 0 Armor and Magic Armor and there are no effects that modify them. Therefore, all damage listed on tooltips will always deal that much damage.

When a hero's Health drops to 0, instead of dying, they will be Stunned for 3 seconds and becomes Fatigued for 8 seconds. While Fatigued, the hero loses 320 Movement Speed, loses 2.5 Energy per second, is Disarmed and Silenced, and regenerates 14% Health per second.

Whenever a goal is scored, all teams return to their starting positions, but the team that didn't score the goal will start closer to the ball. All heroes will be restored to full Health and Energy and have their ability cooldown reset as well.

Occasionally, an Energy Rune may spawn on the map. When picked up, the Energy Rune grants 25 Energy Regeneration for 4 seconds.


Strikers of Newerth uses a Limited Pick system, which consists of 29 heroes. All heroes have Slide/Kick, and Sprint as two of their abilities plus three hero-specific abilities: two active abilities and a passive ability.

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Generic Abilities[]

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Slide Ability.jpg
Target Position
Range: 550
Energy Cost: 25
Cooldown: 6.5 seconds
Spends 25 energy to slide in target direction.
  • Hero dashes to the target position at 1650 speed.
  • If the hero collides with terrain or another hero, Slide will stop immediately.
  • This ability is replaced with Kick while in possession of the ball.

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Kick Ability.jpg
Self Position
Spends up to 35 energy to kick the ball in the direction you're facing
  • Kick requires a minimum of 7 Energy to use and spends up to 35 Mana per cast.
  • The distance the ball travels is based on how much Energy is spent:
    • The formula for the kick distance is (400 + (32 * Energy spent)) * 1.3.
      • As a result, the ball travels at least 811.2 units and up to 1976 units.
    • Abilities that increase the kick distance is additive to the x1.3 distance multiplier, not multiplicative.

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Sprint Ability.jpg
Increases Movement Speed by 145

Drains 14 Energy per Second.

  • Requires at least 5 Energy to activate.
  • Spring automatically toggles off at 0 Energy.