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Symbol of Rage
Symbol of Rage.jpg
Location Icon Morph Attack.png Morph Attack
Type Filter Strength.png Strength
Filter Damage.png Damage
Filter Armor.png Armor
Filter Modifier.png Modifier
Filter Activatable.png Activatable
Stats +25 Strength
+10 Damage
+5 Armor
25% Lifesteal
Modifier Lifesteal Modifier
Cost 6000 (1000)
Components Item Builds into
Axe of the Malphai (3200)
Whispering Helm (1850)
Symbol of Rage.jpg


When activated, applies Symbolic Rage to self.

This item contains an Attack Modifier. Attack modifiers are exclusive and do not stack with other attack modifiers.


Cooldown: 50 seconds
Applies Symbolic Rage to self for 3.5 seconds.

Symbolic Rage Effects
175% Lifesteal


Version 4.9.0

  • Cooldown increased from 35 seconds to 50 seconds.
  • Attack Damage bonus reduced from 20 to 10.

Version 4.7.2

  • Active state's Lifesteal reduced from 200% to 175%.
    • Total Lifesteal from Symbol of Rage reduced from 225% to 200% while its state is active.

Version 4.1.0

Version 4.0.0

  • Active state’s Lifesteal magnitude increased from 150% to 200%.
  • Recipe cost decreased from 1100 Gold.png Gold to 1000 Gold.png.
    • Total cost reduced from 6150 Gold.png to 6000 Gold.png.

Version 0.1.50

  • Decreased cooldown to 35 seconds from 50 seconds.

Version 0.1.48

  • No longer breaks channeling when used.

Version 0.1.42

  • Moved category to Morph Attack.

Version 0.1.37

  • Now grants +20 Damage.
  • Changed active to grant +150% Lifesteal for 3.5 seconds instead of +15% Lifesteal & +30 Damage for 20 seconds.

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Symbol of Rage.jpg
Symbol of Rage
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