The Grimm Hunt

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The Grimm Hunt is a new Game Mode introduced in Version 3.6.5. The objective of the game is to kill various constructs that spawn around the map, gaining points towards making the enemy's base vulnerable as well as a chance to obtain a random item for use.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Grimm Hunt is played in a slightly modified version of Grimm's Crossing, the only difference being that the outer towers are removed.

In Matchmaking, The Grimm Hunt is played in All Pick and Casual Mode.

Every 30 seconds on the timer (starting at 0:30), a random Construct will spawn. The minimap will display where the Construct will spawn 10 seconds before it appears. Constructs will have a random item in its inventory, which indicates what item it drops when it dies. The held item's passive effect is in effect while it's held by a Construct.

When a Construct is killed, it will transfer its held item to a random player on the killer's team that's within 1000 units. If there are no qualifying units within range, then the item is given to the killer.

Constructs give points to the killer's team when it dies. The amount of points given is as follows:

  • Monument Construct: 50 (250*)
  • Ghost Construct: 50
  • Guardian Construct: 350
  • Flying Construct: 250

In addition, killing an enemy hero gives your team 50 Points.

All buildings take no damage (as if under the effects of Fortification) until the opposing team gains 5000 Points. Once a team gains 5000 Points, the buildings will become vulnerable and enemy heroes will have their spawn times set to normal after a brief delay. The game is won when the enemy's main building is destroyed.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Each player start with 903 Gold and at Level 3. Picking a random hero grants 300 bonus Gold (to 1203 Gold). Picking a random hero from with a hero filter grants 2 bonus Gold (to 905 Gold).

Spawn times are reduced to 0.5 seconds per level until the enemy team obtains 5000 Points, where spawn times return to the standard 4 seconds per level.

Players gain 2 Gold every 0.5 seconds and 4 Experience every 1 second.

Players also gain experience based on their disadvantage. Every 10 seconds, a check is done if players qualify for the XP gain.

Buybacks are disabled in The Grimm Hunt.

Constructs[edit | edit source]