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Ultor's Heavy Plate
Ultor's Heavy Plate.jpg
Location Icon Protective.png Protective
Type Filter Armor.png Armor
Filter Activatable.png Activatable
Stats +250 Max Mana
+18 Armor
+3 Health Regeneration
Modifier Activation Modifier
Cost N/A
Components Item Builds into
Helm of the Victim (900)
Platemail (1400)
Pickled Brain (950)
Ultor's Heavy Plate.jpg


When activated, grants you incredibly high armor for a few seconds.

Applies a -20% Attack Speed aura to enemy units within 900 radius.


Aura Enemy Units
Radius: 900
20% Attack Speed Slow

Cast Time: 0.05 / 0.05 seconds
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Instantly armors you, removing all Debuffs and applying Stalwart to you for 6 seconds.

Stalwart Effects
+100 Armor, decreasing to +0 over 6 seconds


Version 4.0.0

  • Recipe cost decreased from 1200 Gold.png to 1000 Gold.png.
    • Total cost decreased from 4500 Gold.png to 4250 Gold.png.

Version 3.8.3

  • Is now considered an activation modifier.

Version 3.8.0

  • Added to the game.

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Ultor's Heavy Plate.jpg
Ultor's Heavy Plate