Version 0.1.37

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General[edit | edit source]

  • Some tweaks to Taunt functionality (this will still be disabled for most testers for now).
    • Taunt can be bound in the options menu under the section Game Controls.

Items[edit | edit source]

Assassin's Shroud.jpg Assassin's Shroud

  • Stealth state now offers 125 bonus damage on attack.
  • Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds, from 20 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Now requires a Bastard Sword.jpg Bastard Sword instead of a Warhammer.jpg Warhammer.

Bound Eye.jpg Bound Eye

  • Cost lowered from 750 to 700.

Brutalizer.jpg Brutalizer

Daemonic Breastplate.jpg Daemonic Breastplate

  • Lowered recipe cost from 2000 to 1500.
  • The aura now applies to structures as well as units.

Elder Parasite.jpg Elder Parasite

  • Recipe cost lowered from 1050 to 1000.

Frostwolf's Skull.jpg Frostwolf's Skull

  • Recipe cost lowered from 1250 to 750.

Hack and Slash.jpg Hack and Slash

  • Recipe removed so it will now automatically assemble after obtaining the component items.

Health Potion.jpg Health Potion

  • Added a 0.25 second Cooldown, preventing their use if the user has an effect on them that deals constant damage (such as most DoTs).

Helm of the Black Legion.jpg Helm of the Black Legion

  • Block chance increased from 65% to 70%.
  • Passive health regeneration has been increased from +5 to +6.

Iron Buckler.jpg Iron Buckler

  • Cost reduced from 300 to 250
  • Chance to block damage increased from 40% to 60%
  • Damage blocked is now 20 for melee heroes, or 10 for ranged (from 30).

Mystic Vestments.jpg Mystic Vestments

  • Cost lowered from 650 to 400.

Mock of Brilliance.jpg Mock of Brilliance

  • Recipe cost lowered to 1350.
  • Passive damage overtime increased from 35 per second to 40 per second.
  • Radius increased from 550 to 650.
  • 8% Evasion removed.

Refreshing Ornament.jpg Refreshing Ornament

  • Recipe cost lowered from 225 to 200.

Restoration Stone.jpg Restoration Stone

  • Mana Regeneration increased from +150% to +200% (now equal to the sum of its parts).

Symbol of Rage.jpg Symbol of Rage

  • Now grants +20 damage.
  • Grants +150% life steal for 3.5 seconds when activated, instead of granting +15% life steal and +30 damage for 20 seconds.

Thunderclaw.jpg Thunderclaw (Reworked)

Trinket of Restoration.jpg Trinket of Restoration

  • Cost lowered from 375 to 350.

Warhammer.jpg Warhammer

  • Cost lowered from 1610 to 1600.

Bug Fixes and Optimization[edit | edit source]

Behemoth.jpg Behemoth

  • Fixed an issue causing his Fissure to sometimes impact units far beyond its intended range