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With today's patch we want to clarify some confusion regarding why the highly anticipated version 3.0 of HoN appears to be missing in action. With the quality of the game at stake during the later stages of development for 3.0, we realized that all the features we had originally planned for 3.0 wouldn't actually be ready for release until well into next year.

Rather than compromising our standards of quality and releasing a lackluster version 3.0 or delaying the patch into oblivion, we decided that we needed to stop holding back all this great content and bring version 2.5 to life. We hold ourselves to a higher standard come hell or high water and we know that the HoN community will support our decision.

There are a plethora of great things coming out today in version 2.5 that we stand behind in bringing the best gaming experience possible and we thank you for your patience and commitment. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy 2.5. Game HoN!

These notes includes the notes from 2.3.5 earlier today

The current Free Heroes were changed. The current available list is as follows:


Matchmaking Rework

  • The "Average Wait Time" displayed when waiting for a match should now be much more accurate
  • Group leaders can now select whether they prefer to have a shorter queue time or a fairer match when queueing for matchmaking. This option can be changed without leaving the matchmaking queue
  • Introduced a "Provisional Ranking Period" for new players that will facilitate adjusting them to their true skill level (whether higher or lower) much faster than before
  • Players with team members who have been terminated should lose less points for a loss, and gain more points for a win
  • Made numerous changes to the way MMR is calculated such as how many points players gain or lose each match, how match predictions are calculated between two potential teams when searching for a matchup, and many other changes to the backend calculations that should make the MMR progression much more accurate in predicting and placing a player at their true MMR rating
  • Optimizations to the matchmaking algorithm that should reduce queue times across the board
  • The game lobby and hero select screens now show match gain/loss values with more precision as it is now possible to gain/lose fractional amounts of MMR
  • All players will have their Normal and Casual MMR compressed towards 1500. Take for example a player with Normal MMR of 1700, and Casual MMR of 1600. After the compression their Normal MMR would become become (1700 + 1500) / 2 = 1600) while their Casual MMR would become (1600 + 1500) / 2 = 1550
  • The minimum MMR has been increased from 750 to 1000
  • See the forums for more information!

Player Spectating

  • Can now join a friend's game in progress and watch from their point of view
  • No delay, your camera is locked to the view of the specific person you are watching
  • You must be approved by the person you are trying to watch before you can join and they can kick you out at any time
  • Currently, a player may only have 1 Player Spectator or Mentor and a limit of 4 on a server at any one time


  • Join the game of another player and Mentor them to help them improve!
  • Your camera is locked to their camera, the same as Player Spectating
  • You still have to ask permission from the player to join their game and can be removed at any time
  • The Mentor has additional special functions available:
  • Holding Right Mouse Button will show your mouse to your Pupil (You can already see theirs)
  • CTRL+Enter will message your Pupil or Mentor
  • Holding X will let you have voice chat with only your Mentor or Pupil
  • You can also ping your Pupil's Minimap screen as a Mentor
  • Bindings can be changed
  • Currently, a player may only have 1 Player Spectator or Mentor and a limit of 4 on a server at any one time

Referral System has been updated

  • All of the people you have referred can now be seen in-game
  • Introducing the Referral Promotion - If you Refer a friend, and help that friend reach level 3, both of you will receive the Exclusive Professor Repulsor Alt Avatar

Forest of Caldavar changed

  • Every tree on the map has been replaced with new, more awesome trees
  • An ancient large statue was discovered near the Legion Observatory
  • Life has begun to flourish, and you should hear more Ambient sounds as you enjoy the world

New recruits have joined the fight!

  • The Lane Creeps, including Mega Creeps, have been completely redone with new models, animations, and sounds

Water shaders have been significantly improved

  • The River now flows down the map and there is realtime reflection from the water

Added a new option: Rim Lighting

  • Can be turned on in the options to draw a larger contrast on the edge of units


  • Reduced infractions required for temporary suspension from 3 to 2

The Chatserver has been updated for HoN 2.5

  • You will have to log out and patch before you can reconnect
  • Tower attack volume has been adjusted
  • Hero Spotlights will now automatically pop up the first time you enter the game after a new one is posted


Items in the shops have been moved around a bit to ensure that each shop is priced lowest to highest

  • Keybinds might have changed! Keep that in mind

New Item: Grave Locket.jpg Grave Locket

  • Components: Amulet of Exile.jpg Amulet of Exile + Recipe (250 Gold.png) = (735 Gold.png)
  • Stats: 7 Intelligence + 4 Agility + 4 Strength
  • Passive: Becomes charged (removed when the wielder dies) when the wielder gets a kill or an assist, gaining +3 to all stats and reduces respawn time by 10 seconds.

New Item: Genjuro.jpg Genjuro

  • Components: Assassin's Shroud.jpg Assassin's Shroud + Dancing Blade.jpg Dancing Blade (Auto-Assembled)
  • Stats: 25 Agility + 45 Damage + 20 Attack Speed
  • Active:
  • On use, consumes a charge and grants stealth for 9 seconds and attacking out of stealth deals an additional 125 damage and inflicts 55% movement speed slow for 3 seconds.
  • Costs 75 Mana and 1 charge (charge is gained every 14 seconds, up to 2 charges).

Homecoming Stone.jpg Homecoming Stone

  • Tooltip fixed slightly

Mana Battery.jpg Mana Battery

  • Now transfers its charges to Power Supply.jpg Power Supply when you upgrade it

Blight Stones.jpg Runes of the Blight

  • Sounds redone

Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman

  • Removed the 'use' animation, fixes animation bugs with channels and while moving


Added a new Early Access Hero: Shadowblade.jpg Shadowblade

  • Added a new Limited Edition Alt Avatar: Corporeal Shadowblade
  • The Early Access bundle now includes a Limited Edition Symbol!

Gemini.jpg Gemini is now available in the general hero pool

Added a new Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor Alt Avatar: Professor Repulsor

  • Voiced by the dwarfy Simon of the Yogscast
  • Cannot be purchased in the Goblin Store
  • Available only through the Referral System

Added a new Martyr.jpg Martyr Alt Avatar: Sister Martyr

Added a new Chronos.jpg Chronos Alt Avatar: Grandfather Time

Fallen Valkyrie's animations were redone


Cthulhuphant.jpg Cthulhuphant
  • Fixed Cthulhuphant Obliterate.jpg Obliterate so that it really doesn't hit stuff behind him if positioned at very specific points.
  • Fixed Cthulhuphant Trample.jpg Trample so it doesn't hit behind him in the initial cast position.

Dampeer.jpg Dampeer: Fixed Dampeer Consume.jpg Consume so that the heal you get accounts for Spellshards.jpg Spellshards

Gemini.jpg Gemini
  • Fixed an issue with Gemini Elemental Force.jpg Twin Strike that made him do less attack DPS than intended.
  • Fixed some effects playing through fog.
  • Updated some skewed portraits.

Jeraziah.jpg Jeraziah: Animation Smoothing.
Lord Salforis.jpg Lord Salforis: Animation Smoothing.
Myrmidon.jpg Myrmidon: Attacks in Myrmidon Forced Evolution.jpg Forced Evolution Form now go through Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman.
Moraxus.jpg Moraxus: Animation Smoothing.

Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium
  • Animation Smoothing.
  • When Pandamonium Face Smash.jpg Face Smash channel starts, Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium now does 1 autoattack right off the bat instead of waiting 1 second for the first hit.

Plague Rider.jpg Plague Rider:

  • Animation Smoothing.
  • Fixed Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master tooltip issue and an interaction with deleted characters.