Heroes of Newerth Wiki


  • The Winter Holiday Season has landed in Newerth!
    • Forests of Caldavar has been blanketed in snow
    • Chiprels have dressed up the World Tree in lights
    • A wild Yeti is now guarding the Token of Life while Kongor is hibernating
    • The Runes have been replaced with Holiday-Themed Runes
    • Merrick's shop has been decorated
    • The Music played throughout Newerth has changed tune
  • Added Santa's Gift Bag
    • Exclusive to the Plinko Ticket Exchange. Exchange tickets for Santa's Gift Bag and get one of any Ultimate or Seven Sins Avatars! Limit 5 per customer
  • Added Stocking Stuffers
    • Purchase Stocking Stuffers in Merrick's Shop to get 3 chests, each of which contains any Basic or Premium Avatars. Limit 5 per customer
  • Santa Gifting
    • When you buy a product from the store, you will be able to gift a copy of that product to any friend you wish. Limit 5 per customer
    • Excludes the Following products: Stat Reset, Nickname Change, Subaccount, Stocking Stuffers, Ticket Exchange
  • Towers: Team gold bounty rescaled from from 200/240/280/320 to 150/200/300/350
    • Casual Mode is unchanged

Hero Balance[]

Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra

We're comfortable with the previous directional focus towards toning down Ra's burst, however we still felt that he was still too strong. Ra is getting a partial revert to his previous armor increase. Amun Ra will now need to be more considerate of health regeneration both in lane and jungle.
  • Starting Armor decreased from 2.0 to 1.5

Artillery.jpg Artillery

With the implementation of Artillery's rework, he has become capable of high damage potentials at incredible distances. We want to maintain his peaks but feel that he is reaching them way too early. We're slowing down his farming capabilities by reducing his creep clearing speed at the earlier stages of the game. Rockets from his LRM will no longer deal full aoe damage in the radius, this is most noticeable when farming the jungle.
  • Artillery LRM.jpg LRM: Each rocket now deals less damage the farther away you are from the center of the rocket impact

Blood Hunter.jpg Blood Hunter

Feast has received an active allowing him to om nom an enemy unit. We all know Blood Hunter has always been excellent at 1 versus 1 match ups. It was however the only option he had open to him and as soon as another hero showed up to his lane he would get completely shut out. This change will open up a Blood Hunter's options in laning and give him ways of dealing with 1 v 2 situations as well as the opportunity to be a better jungler while also giving Feast a combat effective use.
  • Blood Hunter Feast.jpg Feast: Can now activate this ability to instantly kill a creep or neutral in addition to its usual passive effects
    • This ability may only target smaller Neutrals until it is leveled to 4, which is when it can target any Neutral

Chronos.jpg Chronos

Chronos with his mastery over time will now have an automatic timer countdown to reduce the charges of his Curse of Ages while not attacking. This will increase Chronos's ganking capabilities with a guaranteed bash on his first hit as opposed to the previous awkward feeling of stopping your attacks on creeps.
  • Chronos Curse of Ages.jpg Curse of Ages: Will automatically remove one charge every 5 seconds. Attacking resets the count down, such that no charges will be automatically removed when auto-attacking.

Defiler.jpg Defiler

Defiler's attack damage has been increased allowing her to more effectively harass enemies and exchange hits.
  • Attack Damage increased from 41-49 to 45-51

Electrician.jpg Electrician

We want to reinforce the considerations of Electrician as a counter to buffs and debuffs. We've increased the uptime and lowered the mana cost of Cleansing Shock allowing for more consistent use both offensively and defensively.

Ellonia.jpg Ellonia

The base damage of Flash Freeze was too high causing Ellonia to freely spam the skill just as a stun with some damage. We're emphasizing the decision by increasing the reward and damage potential of the skill. Ellonia will now need to be more considerate of the choice when using her skill for the quick stun portion or saving it for the big burst of damage. We've also added a damage popup for her to see the results of their Frosted stacks.
  • Ellonia Flash Freeze.jpg Flash Freeze: Base damage decreased from 40/80/120/160 to 40/60/80/100
  • Ellonia Flash Freeze.jpg Flash Freeze: Damage per charge increased from 2/4/6/8 to 4/6/8/10
  • Ellonia Flash Freeze.jpg Flash Freeze: Now shows a popup with the amount of total Damage dealt

Emerald Warden.jpg Emerald Warden

We've found Emerald Warden's baseline of output too high for his late game potential while not offering enough utility in the early stages. Emerald Warden has suffered a minor hit to his stat gain and Overgrowth has been refocused to be a much better asset early game allowing for more defensive use.
  • Agility gain per level decreased from 3 to 2.8
  • Emerald Warden Overgrowth.jpg Overgrowth: Duration decreased from 1/2/3/4 seconds to 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds

Engineer.jpg Engineer

Relevant at all stages of the game, the Engineer has plenty of strengths but was lacking in weaknesses. We wanted to keep the late game potential that Engineer can achieve so we've hit the early game power levels instead. Keg has had it's mana cost increased and damage reduced at the early levels lowering his spammability. Steam Turret has had it's slow duration reduced allowing enemies to recover their speed much sooner when exiting the turret's range. Teams will need to be more considerate of their early game support options as Engineer will have a more difficult time competing with the hero pool.
  • Engineer The Keg.jpg The Keg: Mana Cost increased from 80/100/120/140 to 95/110/125/140
  • Engineer The Keg.jpg The Keg: Damage rescaled from 100/150/200/250 to 80/140/200/260
  • Engineer Steam Turret.jpg Steam Turret: Slow Duration decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Engineer Energy Field.jpg Energy Field: Cooldown increased from 85 to 105/95/85

Gravekeeper.jpg Gravekeeper

Grave Keeper has had a hard time complimenting a team lineup. We've increased his utility allowing him gank and even support more effectively. Corpse Toss has had it's range increased reducing the risk involved for Grave Keeper to engage enemies. Defiling Touch slow duration has been doubled, allowing the Grave Keeper to more efficiently chase enemies with a continual pelt of the same corpse. Plus, ZOMBIES!
  • Gravekeeper Corpse Toss.jpg Corpse Toss: Increased the range from 500 to 550
  • Gravekeeper Corpse Toss.jpg Corpse Toss: Charge refresh interval decreased from 9 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Gravekeeper Defiling Touch.jpg Defiling Touch: Slow duration increased from 1 second to 2 seconds
  • Gravekeeper Defiling Touch.jpg Defiling Touch: Movement Speed Slow increased from 20/25/30/35% to 25/30/35/40%

Hellbringer.jpg Hellbringer

Reinforcing Hellbringer's team fight impact, we've given his only single target skill more utility in team fights. Unholy Shackles will now affect multiple enemies in the area.
  • Hellbringer Unholy Shackles.jpg Unholy Shackles: Now slows all units around your target as well as your target
    • 300 AOE around the target

Keeper of the Forest.jpg Keeper of the Forest

Keeper of the Forest is getting the axe, largely to his base armor and Nature's Veil. We want lane options to be both enjoyable and interactive. We feel that Keeper's passive play and sustainability in lane has minimized any risk involved for both parties. Keeper of the Forest will need to be more considerate of his frequent use of Nature's Veil and exchange of hits with enemies.

Kinesis.jpg Kinesis

We're proud to release the new and upgraded Kinesis. We've made the hero feel much more fluid, rewarding players for the high input they can only find in the play style that Kinesis provides. First, the removal of the cast time from the actions of lifting and throwing. Both will now be usable while moving and attacking, providing a much better flow when executing multiple actions. Second, Inherent Defense will now grant Kinesis additional Movement Speed based on his shield value allowing Kinesis to constantly chase and bombard enemies, reinforcing his concept as a mid range caster. Lastly, The first activation of Mass Control will now drag all things Kinesis has lifted towards him, allowing him to setup his power prior to entering dangerous river areas or the occasional use of portal key.
  • Kinesis Telekinetic Control.jpg Telekinetic Control: Charge refresh interval decreased from 4/3.5/3/2.5 to 4.0/3.3/2.6/2.0 seconds
  • Kinesis Telekinetic Control.jpg Telekinetic Control: Increased the radius in which he can pick up trees from 600 to 800
  • Kinesis Telekinetic Control.jpg Telekinetic Control: Cast action time on throw decreased from 200 to 0
  • Kinesis Telekinetic Control.jpg Telekinetic Control: Can now lift and throw while moving and Attacking
  • Kinesis Inherent Defense.jpg Inherent Defense: Now grants +0.25 Movement Speed per point of shield value. Always a base of 10 Movement Speed
  • Kinesis Inherent Defense.jpg Inherent Defense: Inherent Defense: Shield per Damage generation re-scaled from 12.5/25/37.5/50% to 20/30/40/50% of damage attempted
  • Kinesis Thoughtsteal.jpg Mass Control: For the duration of the first activation, all lifted objects will follow Kinesis at 522 speed

Klanx.jpg Klanx

The damage stipulation on the activation of H.A.W.K. has been removed. We felt that the downsides of this ability were unnecessary leaving a very negative feeling for the Klanx. We've also increased the move speed of his Goon Squad minions to compliment his high mobility play style.
  • Klanx H.A.W.K..jpg H.A.W.K.: Removed the cooldown triggered from Damage
  • Klanx Goon Squad.jpg Goon Squad: Increase the Movement Speed of the minions by 100

Martyr.jpg Martyr

Martyr players rejoice, the uptime and damage reduction of Guardian Angel has been increased. Martyr can now share a significant portion of the pain even as an under leveled support.
  • Martyr Guardian Angel.jpg Guardian Angel: Cooldown decreased from 21/18/15/12 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Martyr Guardian Angel.jpg Guardian Angel: Damage reduction increased from 20/30/40/50 to 35/40/45/50

Master of Arms.jpg Master of Arms

Slight reduction to Master of Arm's reach and power at the earlier levels. Enemies will have an easier time escaping the Master's charged shot after being hit by a long range Forked Lightning.

Midas.jpg Midas

Midas is a fantastic hero that is a lot of fun to play, he brings just the right amount of skill and entertainment. He does however lack in how effective he can be until he reaches level six. We believe that his reliance on what his ultimate is doing was keeping this hero down so we decided to let him level his ultimate starting at level four instead.
  • Midas Transmute.jpg Transmute: May now be leveled up at levels 4/6/12 instead of 6/11/16

Monarch.jpg Monarch

For a long time players have been drawing comparisons to Monarch and Glacius. It was always the intent to have Glacius as the more offensive choice while Monarch to be more of the lane support. We decided to make those differences stand out a bit more by increasing those support roles within monarch, while at the same time giver her an over all buff that she was needing.
  • Monarch Crippling Pollen.jpg Crippling Pollen: Range increased from 500 to 600
  • Monarch Crippling Pollen.jpg Crippling Pollen: Projectile speed decreased from 1200 to 800
  • Monarch Chrysalis.jpg Chrysalis: Duration decreased from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Monarch Chrysalis.jpg Chrysalis: Heal rescaled from 35/50/65/80 to 30/50/70/90
  • Monarch Chrysalis.jpg Chrysalis: Damage Reduction rescaled from 30/40/50/60% to 50% at all levels
  • Monarch Noxious Nightcrawler.jpg Noxious Cloud: Radius now starts at 250 instead of 150 and ends at 550 instead of 500 over the 4 second life time
  • Monarch Cleansing Wind.jpg Cleansing Winds: Width increased from 175/200/225 to 200/225/250

Night Hound.jpg Night Hound

With the previous power reduction to Night Hound, we're comfortable with his concept of fight or flight. Backstab has received a damage increase to better reward the Night Hound for his stealthy play.
  • Night Hound Backstab.jpg Backstab: Bonus Damage Multiplier increased from 25/50/75/100% to 30/60/90/120%

Oogie.jpg Oogie

The mana monster returns, Oogie was treading on the problems of needing an unreasonable amount of mana to enjoy his early game. We've lowered the mana increase on Tar Quake and reduced the cooldown of Kindled Fury creating a much better flow between the constant spending of mana and Fury attacks.
  • Oogie Tar Quake.jpg Tar Quake: Mana Cost intervals after every cast decreased from 40 to 30
  • Oogie Kindled Fury.jpg Kindled Fury: Cooldown decreased from 11/10/9/8 to 8
  • Oogie Kindled Fury.jpg Kindled Fury: Mana cooldown reduction changed from 100 mana to 75
  • Oogie Primal Surge.jpg Primal Surge: Cooldown decreased from 80/60/40 to 60/50/40

Pharaoh.jpg Pharaoh

Often a great compliment to a team, the Pharoah has always been constantly mana starved. Pharaoh has received some additional Intelligence to reduce his farming requirements and encourage more active ganking.
  • Starting Intelligence increased by 2
  • Intelligence gain increased from 1.3 to 1.5

Pestilence.jpg Pestilence

We're comfortable with Pestilence's roles as initiation and armor reducer, however the constant spam of bashing combined with inherent tankiness leaves for little counter-play response. Pestilence's stat gain and damage output has been lowered reducing his overall survivability and carry potential.
  • Strength gain decreased from 2.8 to 2.5
  • Agility gain decreased from 1.9 to 1.5
  • Pestilence Gore.jpg Gore: Damage decreased from 20/40/60/80 to 10/20/30/40

Pollywog Priest.jpg Pollywog Priest

Electric Jolt's radius has been increased allowing Pollywog to more effectively harass enemies in combination with clearing creeps.

Ravenor.jpg Ravenor

Ravenor has received a slew of buffs over the previous patches that have put him over the top. We are happy with the damage potential Ravenor provides as a Magic Damage carry but are unhappy with inconsiderate frequent use of his abilities. Ravenor's mana efficiency has been significantly decreased. Ball Lightning's cost has been increased at the lower levels, in combination with a flat increase to Storm Blades. Ravenor will need to be more considerate of his item choices, especially when obtaining an early Portal Key.
  • Intelligence gain decreased from 2.2 to 2.0
  • Base Damage decreased from 49-59 to 48-56
  • Ravenor Ball Lightning.jpg Ball Lightning: Mana Cost increased from 90/100/110/120 to 110 at all levels
  • Ravenor Storm Blades.jpg Storm Blades: Mana Cost increased from 80/90/100/110 to 90/100/110/120

Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith

Sand Wraith has received an overall power reduction, most notably his Magic Armor decrease. Sand Wraith was surprisingly difficult to kill with his high stats and damage reduction from Dissipate. The Sand Wraith will now have to be more considerate of both his skill and item builds, balancing his offense and defense.
  • Agility gain decreased from 2.2 to 2.0
  • Magic Armor decreased from 5.5 to 4.0
  • Sand Wraith Desert's Curse.jpg Desert's Curse: Movement Speed bonus decreased from 6/10/14/18% to 6/8/10/12%
  • Sand Wraith Mirage.jpg Mirage: Summoned illusion duration increased from 4/4.5/5 to 4/5/6
  • Sand Wraith Mirage.jpg Mirage: Cooldown increased from 120/100/80 seconds to 130/105/80 seconds

Scout.jpg Scout

Scout has an iconic play style for his constant roaming and ganking but can be frustrating for the enemy team. We wanted to maintain the fun play style for Scout so we've instead looked at increasing the amount of counter-play for the enemy team. We've doubled the fade time of Vanish and reduced the overall move speed bonus allowing enemies to more effectively chase the Scout with various true sight items. Vanish has had it's mana cost increased affecting his creep clearing speed and reducing his overall snowball ability.
  • Intelligence gain per level increased from 1.4 to 1.6
  • Scout Vanish.jpg Vanish: Activation Mana Cost increased from 30 to 50
  • Scout Vanish.jpg Vanish: Vanish: Fade time increased from 0.5 to 1.0 second
  • Scout Vanish.jpg Vanish: Vanish: Movement Speed bonus decreased from 10/15/20/25% to 6/9/12/15%
  • Scout Electric Eye.jpg Electric Eye: Gadget Health decreased from 200 to 1

Sir Benzington.jpg Sir Benzington

Sir Benzington has high mobility combined with a high damage potential, however that potential is extremely difficult to achieve. We've increased the range and speed of Joust allowing for long range engagements but keeping the side step counter-play for enemies equally as meaningful. Lance-A-Long has been rescaled in damage to deal it's full potential over 4 attacks instead of 5 and rescaled accordingly making each individual attack buildup.
  • Sir Benzington Joust.jpg Joust: Mana Cost decreased from 110 to 90/100/110/120
  • Sir Benzington Joust.jpg Joust: Charge Speed increased from 2400 to 2800
  • Sir Benzington Joust.jpg Joust: Range increased from 900 to 1000
  • Sir Benzington Joust.jpg Joust: Stun duration increased from 0.7 seconds to 1.0 seconds
  • Sir Benzington Lance-A-Long.jpg Lance-A-Long: Charges needed decreased from 5 attacks to 4 attacks
  • Sir Benzington Lance-A-Long.jpg Lance-A-Long: Mana Cost decreased from 70/80/90/100 to 75/80/85/90
  • Sir Benzington Lance-A-Long.jpg Lance-A-Long: Damage per charge changed from 10/18/26/34 to 15/25/35/40
  • Sir Benzington Lance-A-Long.jpg Lance-A-Long: Base activation Damage decreased from 50/90/130/170 to 40/80/120/160

Succubus.jpg Succubus

Iconic for her disables at all stages of the game, we've increased the frequency that Succubus may cast her ultimate at the later levels creating more opportunities for both the Succubus to gank and for the enemy to interrupt.

Tempest.jpg Tempest

Tempest's team fight potential is unmatched but is not without counter-play. We wanted to preserve the great feelings that a "good ol temp ult" hits so were looking at lowering his early game snowball potential instead. Glacial Blasts has had it's cast range lowered, reducing his approachability from early game ganking, most noticeably without boots. Elementals will also deal reduced damage, lowering his jungling speed and pushing potential. Tempest will need to be more considerate of his item choices when he isn't being showered with gold.
  • Tempest Glacial Blasts.jpg Glacial Blasts: Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 18 seconds
  • Tempest Glacial Blasts.jpg Glacial Blasts: Range decreased from 600 to 500
    • Debuff is now dispellable to prevent additional stuns
  • Tempest Elemental.jpg Elemental: Attack Damage decreased from 20/27/34/41 to 18/24/30/36
  • Tempest Elemental Void.jpg Elemental Void: Outer ring Damage per second decreased from 30/50/70 to 15/25/35
    • Damage of the inner ring is unchanged

The Gladiator.jpg The Gladiator

Showdown in itself is a lackluster skill for the large strain on Gladiator's limited mana pool. The mana cost and cooldown of Showdown have been reduced allowing for more frequent use in combination with those great feeling Pitfalls or Call to Arms.
  • The Gladiator Showdown.jpg Showdown: Mana Cost decreased from 80/90/100/110 to 65/75/85/95
  • The Gladiator Showdown.jpg Showdown: Cooldown decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
  • The Gladiator Call to Arms.jpg Call to Arms: Cooldown decreased from 100 seconds to 100/90/80 seconds

Thunderbringer.jpg Thunderbringer

So we all know that since the dawn of time Thunderbringer has been capable of revealing invisible targets when he casts his Blast of Lightning. We feel that this mechanic while good on paper was not good in practice. It was rarely something you even considered. We wanted to increase it's functionality by allowing thunderbringer to cast it on himself, making him essentially a moving counter-ward.
  • Movement Speed increased from 295 to 300
  • Starting Armor increased from 1.54 to 2.0
  • Thunderbringer Blast of Lightning.jpg Blast of Lightning: Now can cast on yourself or any ally to grant them +75 bonus Movement Speed for 5 seconds
    • The Truesight and Clearvision that Blast of Lightning creates around an enemy will be around the targeted Ally as well

Tremble.jpg Tremble

Tremble is notable for his map presence and pushing potential. We've lowered the mana costs of Terrorform and Hive Mind, allowing for more frequent use to promote his active mobile play style. Boris's strength and utility have also been increased, most noticeably the early level ganking capabilities.
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terrorform: Mana Cost decreased from 150/140/130/120 to 120
  • Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Hive Mind: Mana Cost decreased from 140 to 100/125/150
    • Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Boris: Armor Reduction increased from -1/-2/-3 to -2/-3/-4
    • Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Boris: Ensnare duration increased from 1/1.5/2 seconds to 1.5/1.75/2 seconds

Tundra.jpg Tundra

We feel that Tundra has fallen off over time. Were emphasizing the utility that Tundra provides to his teammates. Shiver the bird will have it's vision increased at the earlier levels making it a much stronger one point skill. Cold Shoulder has had it's cooldown decreased, at the later levels Tundra will provide a 100% uptime on his Attack Speed boost to his allies.
  • Tundra Call of Winter.jpg Call of Winter: Shiver day vision changed from 700/700/1200/1200 to 800/800/1200/1200
  • Tundra Call of Winter.jpg Call of Winter: Shiver night vision changed from 500/500/1000/1000 to 600/600/1000/1000
  • Tundra Cold Shoulder.jpg Cold Shoulder: Cooldown decreased from 24/20/16/12 to 17/14/11/8

Voodoo Jester.jpg Voodoo Jester

Extremely fragile as a support, we've increased the cast range of Cursed Ground and Spirit Ward reducing the risk involved for a squishy Voodoo Jester to engage enemies.
  • Voodoo Jester Cursed Ground.jpg Cursed Ground: Range increased from 400 to 450
  • Voodoo Jester Cursed Ground.jpg Cursed Ground: Cast Time decreased from 1000 to 750
    • This does not change how long it takes for the ability to land, this is the animation time after
  • Voodoo Jester Spirit Ward.jpg Spirit Ward: Range increased from 300/350/400 to 400

War Beast.jpg War Beast

The uptime of Warcry has been reduced to lower the impact of his global assistance to other lanes. We've also increased his jungling speed allowing Warbeast himself to contribute in fights much sooner in the game.

Wretched Hag.jpg Wretched Hag

Combination of good utility, high mobility and damage, the Wretched Hag has a good kit that keeps her relevant at all stages of the game. We've lowered the duration of the slow portion on Haunt allowing enemies to better deal with her high mobility, especially after a wide Bat Blast.
  • Wretched Hag Haunt.jpg Haunt: Slow duration decreased from 10 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Wretched Hag Sonar Scream.jpg Sonar Scream: Mana Cost increased from 140 to 135/140/145/150
  • Wretched Hag Bat Blast.jpg Bat Blast: Damage decreased from 290/430/600 to 290/420/550

Item Balance[]

Added new Item: Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone

  • Costs 300g
  • +60 Max Health
  • +45 Max mana
  • When in your inventory, right-click a Rune (or use this item targeting a Rune) to power the Stone with 3 charges based on the Rune. Does not consume the Rune
  • The charges last up to 4 minutes
  • When powered, target yourself or an ally to consume a charge and give them a short duration buff based on the Rune that is stored in the Stone
  • Does not stack with other Ioyn Stones or Bottles

Added new Item: Spell Sunder.jpg Spell Sunder

  • Components: Pickled Brain.jpg Pickled Brain (950), Major Totem.jpg Major Totem (490), Manatube.jpg Manatube (875) = 2315g Total
  • Dealing any Magic Damage applies a debuff to the target for 3 seconds. They take 5 damage + 3% of the Target's current health in Magic Damage every second
  • Dealing Magic DoT Damage applies this debuff as well, but the damage it deals is halved

Lightbrand and Components

The damage over time portion of Lightbrand and it's upgrades have been reworked. Attacks will now deal a lower amount but True Damage every second instead of Magic. Were comfortable with the flat mana regeneration granted appealing largely to lower Int heroes but are unhappy with the excessive farming that the item is granting from auto attacks. Light Brand and it's upgrades will deal less damage to creeps but relatively the same damage to heroes.

Lightbrand.jpg Lightbrand

  • DoT Damage decreased from 8 to 5 per second
  • DoT Damage changed from Magic Damage to True Damage

Searing Light.jpg Searing Light

  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 5 to 4
  • DoT Damage decreased from 12 to 7.5 per second
  • DoT Damage changed from Magic Damage to True Damage

Frozen Light.jpg Frozen Light

  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 5 to 4
  • DoT Damage decreased from 12 to 7.5 per second
  • DoT Damage changed from Magic Damage to True Damage

Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer

  • Damage decreased from 15 to 12
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 6 to 5
  • DoT Damage decreased from 16 to 10 per second
  • DoT Damage changed from Magic Damage to True Damage

Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire of Power

  • DoT Damage decreased from 35 to 20 per second
  • DoT Damage changed from Magic Damage to True Damage

Insanitarius.jpg Insanitarius

Insanitarious is an item that creates anticipation and rewards great timing. We wanted to increase the frequency at which players can squeeze out the last bit of health for a big mannup.
  • Cooldown decreased from 7 seconds to 5 seconds

Lex Talionis.jpg Lex Talionis

The concept of Lex Talionis was originally designed to appeal to support heroes. We've lowered the mana cost activation and increased the cast range to allow safer and more frequent use of this early game offensive support option.
  • Mana Cost decreased from 50 to 25
  • Range increased from 750 to 800

Nullfire Blade.jpg Nullfire Blade

Nullfire Blade is a niche pick often used to burn enemy mana or dispel enemy buffs or hostile debuffs. We want to emphasize the decision more by increasing the utility of the item. The cooldown has been decreased, and the cast range has been increased to allow more free use of the activation.
  • Cooldown decreased from 20 to 14
  • Range increased from 600 to 700
  • Cost decreased from 800 to 700

Spellshards.jpg Spellshards

We're refocusing Spellshards to a more niche counter-pick to move it away from this troublesome comparison to Grimoire of Power. The Spell Penetration will now be a counter to higher magic armor values, dealing a percentage of their defense as opposed to a flat value.
  • Reworked: Spell penetration changed from 2/4/6 to 50% of target's Magic Armor
  • No longer has upgrades
  • Recipe Cost increased from 800 to 1200

Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master

  • Rally.jpg Rally - Rally Seismic Slam.jpg Seismic Slam range increased from 250 to 500 and Damage increased by 200
  • Pyromancer.jpg Pyromancer - Upon killing an enemy with Pyromancer Blazing Strike.jpg Blazing Strike, deals 50% of the damage in a 600 radius around the target
  • Succubus.jpg Succubus - In addition to its previous bonuses, Range increased to 900

Wingbow.jpg Wingbow

Wingbow, as an expensive end game item, was lacking in satisfaction for the owner. We want players to appreciate the effectiveness of their hard earned purchases so we've added some spice to the item.
  • Ranged Heroes: Increases Attack Range by 100
  • Melee Heroes: Reflects 25% of the damage attempted when you evade an attack

All activate self items are now considered noninterrupting and can be activated while channeling and will not break the channel.
This includes:

New Content[]

For those condemned to a life too close to the ground, the wonders of outer space blanket their dreams with twinkles of hope, surrounded by the bleakness of doubt and despair. While other Legion heroes fantasize about becoming legends and kings on Newerth, Bubbles stares at the moon, wondering what it would be like to see something besides war and chaos. With a little time and some repurposing of scrap material from the Iron City, one turtle seeks out something bigger than himself, dressed in a suit so strange that even his best friends think he's crazy
In her day form, Winter Solstice protects herself from the power of the sun with a set of armor covered in a thick layer of ice. Her movement is a bit slower, and her actions more reserved, but her power is concentrated, like a mighty iceberg. In her night form, Winter Solstice explodes with the power of Lunari, unable to contain the might of the Moon Goddess. Her skin is set ablaze, lighting up the night around her and exposing any threats where they creep in the darkness. She becomes quicker and more agile without her armor, but also more vengeful, and often incapable of slowing down or showing remorse
In the Scandinavian wilderness, only the toughest creatures can survive. Among them, grizzled and weathered from the harsh winter storms, Grendel Gauntlet ambles the forests alone, searching for what he can find to eat and storing the rest in his little mud hut. On his back, the helmets of warriors who have sought to slay him act both as trophies and as warnings to other "heroes" looking to make a name for themselves
Ringing in the holidays by wearing her sexiest Santa outfit, Aluna is in the mood to gift pain and devastation to the grumpy Hellbourne daemons. Despite her cute candy cane and sultry demeanor, monsters would be better off running away when they hear her bells jingling through the forest.
Only suckas wouldn't want to smash the fun out of the holidays with this sweet—and clearly demented—young lady from Bloodsugar Valley. She's here with her hard candy hammer to ring in the New Year and give a lickin' to anyone who isn't festive enough for her tastes. Watch your bells!
Ice cream headaches for everyone! Glucoz the Ice Cream Bombardier has pedaled his ice cream bicycle all the way from Bloodsugar Valley to sell his special recipe in Newerth (hint: it has a hint of kerosene, with heavy notes of gunpowder). It doesn't matter if you get Charred Chocolate, Volatile Vanilla, or Semtex Strawberry—they all burst with flavor! Seriously, your head will explode
Not everything is gumdrops and lollipops in Bloodsugar Valley, especially if you're an ill-tempered lich with a Napoleon Complex. Equipped with a popsicle staff and an unflinching grimace, the Candy Rider and his frosted dragon will do whatever it takes to establish themselves as legitimate threats, despite their childish appearances. His words may be sugar coated, but his actions are deceitful, and if you see the ice cream on his helmet melting, you know things are getting heated
We hear Baker Balphagore's cookies are delicious, but he keeps eating them before we can get a taste. Maybe it's for the best, as the rumors out of Bloodsugar Valley say he uses his giant spatula and whisk to mix his victims into a sticky batter before popping them in the oven to emerge as gingerbread minions, armed with razor-sharp sporks and heavy frying pans
Amanda Panda arrived at HoNCon wearing her perfect Pandamonium costume and ready to win the Hero Look-Alike Contest. But when she surveyed the competition, everyone was dressed in such realistic hero costumes she couldn't tell the difference between them and the real members of the Legion and Hellbourne. When the very impressive Maliken cosplayer transformed into a giant, hulking demon and seemed to actually be possessed, Amanda Panda began to suspect there was no such thing as HoNCon..
You think you're tough? Say it to Bobbi's face, if you can stand her putrid Spore Breath. This tomboy can't stand wimps (vegetarians included), and the way you're staring at her homemade Bramble costume is making you look like a major jabroni. I'd turn around and walk away right now if I were you. Don't let the Vine Wall hit you on the way out, loser
Growing up as a nerdy girl fascinated with reptiles, Sally quickly took to Slither as her favorite hero. Having been teased throughout her childhood for preferring the scaly to the furry, she created a full Slither outfit for herself, complete with an acid-spraying snake hat to intimidate those who would bully her. After all, it's hard to point and laugh when your hands are melting off
  • Added new Name Color: Frost Fields Silver
This dazzling silver name color hails from the frozen north, and only the most dedicated players can obtain it!
  • Added 12 days of Christmas Chat symbols
If you collect all 12 exclusive chat symbols, you will receive the Grendel Gauntlet Product for free!

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