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The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 25 at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking that leaderboard and completing those quests! Even the staff can't get her!
When Maliken Grimm sent emissaries across Newerth uniting man under a single banner, he traveled in person to Lord Salforis in his mountain fortress of Blackwal. At that time, the Baron of Blackwal was considered one of the most powerful sorcerers and generals among men. He had not been seen upon a battlefield in years, and rumors spread he had discovered a magic that would end the wars of Man and Beast.
What Maliken found within the fortress caused him and his men to seal it from the outside and pray it was never reopened. In his chambers, Salforis sat upon a throne of corpses in a room full of the dead, commanding them to rise. He cursed Maliken for allowing his unborn children to unleash the Hellbourne, rantings Maliken could not comprehend at the time.
For decades, Salforis raved at his rotting corpses until the necromantic energies from the opening Scar filled him and empowered his sorcery. Now he ravages the battlefields, harvesting corpses and souls for his private army. What his plans are when that army grows large enough, only he knows.
Human Form (Level 1-6): This is Lord Salforis in his human form when he first began exploring the dark art of necromancy. The corruption has already taken seed within him, but he is still in control of his mind and soul.
Corrupted Form (Level 7-12)
Necromonger Form (13+)
  • Upgraded Boots
    • Boots and footsteps glow with corrupted energy
  • Blood Chalice.jpg Blood Chalice
    • Blood drips from armor creases & weapon
  • Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer
    • Dawnbringer effects are added to weapon
  • Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master
    • Weapon is replaced with a Staff of the Master
  • Shrunken Head.jpg Shrunken Head
    • Dangling shrunken heads are added to his weapon as trophies
The Green Wood Ram welcomes the Chinese New Year with dynamic positivity and creativity, and after the tumultuous Year of the Horse he is eager to bring peace and harmony to Newerth! His primary method will be to use his green wooden dragon staff, gifted to him by the World Tree, to generously unleash his positive energy and celebratory mood upon the enemy until he is at peace.
  • New Courier: Sheep Courier (Chinese New Year 2/19 Promo item)
Celebrate the Chinese New Year by delivering adorable fluffiness with this sheep courier!
The Sang-La Mountains have always produced legendary warriors, and with Calamity's attempt to begin the Third Corruption wreaking havoc throughout Newerth the Shào Temple has sent the elite Guardians of the Monastery of the Way to help thwart this dire threat to Newerth.
Diao Chan feels the tragic disharmony of Newerth, pushed to a critical level by the arrival of Calamity and the tortured souls of All Hells. She moves as one with her fellow Guardians of the Monastery of the Way, and woe be to the enemies who amass before her with the intent of harming her allies and home.
Zhang Feid keeps to himself while at the Monastery of the Way, meditating and contemplating his relationship with all things of the world. However, when the time for battle comes, he concentrates on the relationship of his blade with the skulls of his enemies. This relationship is always short and messy.
Sita is the consort of Pra Ram, the hero of the Thai Ramakian epic myth. Pra Ram is the incarnation of the Hindu Deity Vishnu Narayan, born on Earth in order to punish the Demon Yaksa Tosagan and to fight for the return of Sita, who is esteemed as a paragon of spousal and feminine virtues for all Hindu women and is known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage and purity.
After Pra Ram rescued her, Sita refused to leave the battle and chose instead to prove her courage and dedication to preserving the human race. She began by walking across burning coals to show she carried no impurities from her imprisonment, and when she emerged unharmed from the flames she knew she had a powerful weapon to use against the evil forces of Newerth.
Note: This avatar has two versions, and purchasing one adds both to your account.
  • English Voice: Lady Sita
  • Thai Voice: Ramayana Sita
The Savior Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits (or A.R.M.S.) were discovered in a sealed military bunker buried nearly a mile below the City of Iron, unearthed by the dwarves scraping every shred of ore from the endless tunnels and caverns. They seem to have been created by a previous civilization in a time of great conflict, designed to carry elite warriors into battle and protect them from harm while allowing them to carry weapons far beyond the capability of mere humans.
Rally has always stood in the front ranks of the Legion's vanguard, and when the call came for volunteers to test the newly discovered Savior suits he stepped forward without hesitation. If these A.R.M.S. will aid in the war against the Hellbourne, this master of motivation will gladly be the shining example for others to follow.
These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[]

  • Tournament Mode: After a pause is issued, there is a 3-second delay before the team that called the pause can unpause the game
    • This prevents accidental unpauses that would occur after pausing in Tournament Mode since pauses are instant
  • Self-denies or denying an allied hero will no longer grant gold to the allied team
  • Items will no longer disappear when building 2 items at the same time with a full or nearly full inventory

Andromeda.jpg Andromeda

  • Death effects for all avatars no longer linger after the death animation ends

Forsaken Archer.jpg Forsaken Archer

Glacius.jpg Glacius

  • Frosty the Iceman.jpg Frosty the Iceman's bored animation no longer causes overhead buffs to sink into his body

Grinex.jpg Grinex

  • Slickz.jpg Slickz Grinex no longer plays an infinite animation loop if a target disjoints his Grinex Shadow Step.jpg Shadow Step

Moira.jpg Moira

  • Moira Shards of Harkon.jpg Shards of Harkon: No longer hits the same target twice in the same cast if Moira dies before the after first wave of Shards is launched, but before it impacts a target

Monarch.jpg Monarch

Myrmidon.jpg Myrmidon

  • Myrmidon Forced Evolution.jpg Forced Evolution sound no longer plays again if illusions are created while Forced Evolution form is up

Rhapsody.jpg Rhapsody

  • Magic & Superior Magic lifesteal only functions if the damage is dealt on an enemy hero
    • Before, it was applying for all heroes, including self & ally heroes. In other words, Martyr.jpg Martyr could lifesteal damage off allies with his new Martyr Guardian Angel.jpg Guardian Angel

Shadowblade.jpg Shadowblade

War Beast.jpg War Beast

  • War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis sound no longer plays again if illusions are created while Metamorphosis form is up