Heroes of Newerth Wiki


Hero Balance[]

Arachna.jpg Arachna

Arachna’s Precision was simply dealing too much damage. These changes will bring the damage more in line, allowing Arachna to be less burst-centric.
  • Arachna Precision.jpg Precision
    • Minimum Bonus Attack Damage percentage dealt reduced from 10% to 5%.
    • Maximum Bonus Attack Damage percentage dealt reduced from 40/60/80/100% to 20/40/60/80%.

Artesia.jpg Artesia (Rework)

Artesia has had a problem with overlap since her inception. Her global ultimate and a playstyle that only promoted constantly pumping out damage onto a target made her similar to heroes like Bombardier or Thunderbringer. The following rework will allow Artesia to choose to be a solid damage dealer or a strong healer at a moment's notice, giving her more depth and more appeal in a wider variety of lineups.
  • Artesia Arcane Missile.jpg Arcane Missile
    • Cooldown rescaled from 5/4/3/2 seconds to 4/3.5/3/2.5 seconds.
    • Damage rescaled from 100/140/180/220 to 115/135/155/175.
    • Homing strength of missiles has been increased from 0.07 to 0.12.
    • Explosion radius increased from 150 to 200.
    • Mana cost rescaled from 90/95/100/105 to 80/90/100/110.
    • This ability now has a second mode.
    • While in Healing Mode, this ability targets allies instead of enemies, healing them for 30/40/50/60 Health. Cooldown and mana cost while in this mode are cut in half.
      • More details on how to activate this mode below.
  • Artesia Dance of Death.jpg Dance of Death
    • Reworked
    • Activate to channel for up to 3/4/5/6 seconds.
    • While channeling, you gain unit-walking and can move and use items and abilities without interrupting the channel. You are disarmed during the channel.
    • While channeling, you gain a charge of Arcane Bolts every 0.4/0.35/0.3/0.25 seconds and allows Arcane Missile to travel through creeps.
    • The channel stops if you get Stunned, Silenced, or use the ability again.
      • 100/110/120/130 mana cost, 10 second cooldown. Cooldown starts only after the channel stops.
  • Artesia Arcane Bolts.jpg Arcane Bolts
    • This ability is now available at the start. Releases no bolts until leveled up.
    • Can now be activated to switch into Healing Mode. Can be swapped back and forth between its primary mode (Damage Mode) and Healing Mode.
    • While in Healing Mode, Arcane Bolts will be fired at allies instead of enemies, healing them.
      • This changes the effects of Arcane Missile as well.
    • Increased the amount of bolts granted for each spell cast from 2 to 4.
    • Damage reduced from 25/40/55/70 to 8/12/16/20, Heal is 5/7/9/11.
    • Range increased from 700 to 800.
    • Bolts release interval decreased from 0.8 seconds to 0.4 seconds.
  • Artesia Essence Projection.jpg Essence Projection
    • After placement, the skill can now be activated again to move the Projection to a new location on an 8 second cooldown (25 mana cost).
      • Goes on a 5 second cooldown if the Projection takes damage.
    • No longer global, range reduced to 800.
    • Mana cost reduced from 200/300/400 to 150.
    • Aura Regeneration is now separate. You now only get the Mana Regeneration (20/30/40) in Damage Mode or only Health Regeneration in Healing Mode.
    • Aura radius increased from 600 to 900.
    • Cooldown reduced from 90/75/60 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • Added Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master
      • Increases cast range to 5000 (both for the initial cast and the subsequent movement).

Behemoth.jpg Behemoth

Behemoth has always been a staple as a support, suicide or counter initiator. The damage on Shockwave has always been a bit over the top in term of numbers, and this is just a small way of tweaking a hero that has one amazing kit.
  • Behemoth Shockwave.jpg Shockwave
    • Damage from bonus shockwaves reduced from 35/45/55 to 25/35/45.

Berzerker.jpg Berzerker

Something small to make Strength Sap slightly more appealing to assist his farm.
  • Berzerker Strength Sap.jpg Strength Sap
    • Damage to creeps increased from 20/0.5s to 25/0.5s.

Bombardier.jpg Bombardier

This change is aimed at giving back Boom Dust its presence as a single target effect, while still keeping an area of effect focus.
  • Bombardier Boom Dust.jpg Boom Dust
    • Will now apply two charges to a single target if only one target is hit.

Bubbles.jpg Bubbles

A nice tweak to Bubbles to allow Kelp Field to improve and maintain its effectiveness into the late game.
  • Bubbles Kelp Field.jpg Kelp Field
    • Cooldown lowered from 115/100/85 to 100/90/80 seconds.
    • Added Staff of the Master:
      • Damage and stun when breaking the Kelp Field becomes Superior Magic.
      • Cooldown reduced from 100/90/80 to 60 seconds.

Circe.jpg Circe

A very simple tweak to an ability that was under-performing.
  • Circe Entrapment.jpg Entrapment
    • Immobilize duration increased from 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds to 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds.

Deadlift.jpg Deadlift

Deadlift is a monster pusher, but currently he is also over the top in terms of hero harassment and damage. We wanted to tone down some of the things he was too good at, while allowing Resurrection to shine as one of the unique abilities in HoN.
  • Deadlift Death Grip.jpg Death Grip
    • Channel duration reduced from 4.6 to 4.5 seconds.
    • Missile speed decreased from 700 to 600. As a result, its max travel distance was decreased from 3300 to 2800.
  • Deadlift Onslaught.jpg Onslaught
    • Increased the target radius (creeps affected around the target) from 700 to 700/800/900/1000.
      • This change makes it so that your creeps from The Dead Shall Rise will be within range most of the time. Otherwise, your own creeps on the edge of Onslaught's cast range would not be affected.
    • Damage on creeps affected changed from "enemy creeps only deal 30% of damage" to "all units affected only deal 50% of damage against heroes."
    • Attack Speed bonus reduced from 20/50/80/110 to 0/25/50/75.
  • Deadlift Resurrection.jpg Resurrection
    • Now has 2 charges. Gains 1 charge every 120 seconds.
    • Now revives the target with 50/60/70% of Health and Mana (decreased from 50/75/100%).
    • Heroes that die with the Death Protection state (the 30 second state which prevents them losing gold upon death) no longer leave a Gravestone.
    • Cooldown reduced from 140 to 5 seconds.
    • You can now target ally hero portraits in the top left.

Deadwood.jpg Deadwood

Another realignment change after the last patch. His numbers are good and people are picking him in different lineups but the overall damage output was slightly off. This change will adjust his power level slightly, but still allows him to fulfill his staple ganker role effectively.
  • Deadwood Willowmaker.jpg Willowmaker
    • Reduced flat Physical Damage from 250/475/725 to 200/400/600

Defiler.jpg Defiler

The new Staff of the Master effect has gone over very well and it is really allowing Defiler to shine in all brackets of play. However, the potential of the hero was too high in regards to both kill and push power. As more players figure out her new talents, we want to make sure it does not go overboard.
  • Defiler Unholy Expulsion.jpg Unholy Expulsion
    • Secondary activation (from Staff of the Master) cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.

Electrician.jpg Electrician (Redesign)

Electrician has always lacked a few tools to excel into the mid game, and without his mid game, his late game was non-existent. With this redesign of Static Grip, we wanted Electrician to be a real threat to locking someone down. This hero fits a unique niche in our game as the “purge hero”; with these changes, his baseline has improved much like what we did with Lord Salforis in the last patch.
  • Intelligence growth increased from 1.3 to 1.5
  • Electrician Static Grip.jpg Static Grip
    • Electrician can now act freely while Static Grip is active.
    • Static Grip is cancelled if Electrician is Stunned, Silenced, if the link state is purged from the target, or if the distance between Electrician and the target exceeds 700 units.
    • Max duration decreased from 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 seconds to 2/2.6/3.2/3.8 seconds.
    • Magic Damage adjusted from 20/40/65/80 per second to 20/40/60/80 per second.
  • Electrician Electric Shield.jpg Electric Shield
    • Power of the shield changed from 0.5/0.6/0.8/1.33x to 0.75/0.95/1.15/1.35x of Mana spent.
  • Electrician Energy Absorption.jpg Energy Absorption
    • Mana drain increased from 3/6/9/12% to 8/10/12/14% of the target's mana pool.
  • Electrician Cleansing Shock.jpg Cleansing Shock
    • Now chains to 0/1/2 additional nearby targets without the need of a Staff of the Master.
    • Staff of the Master effect removed (for now)
    • Cooldown changed from 12/8/4 seconds to 9 seconds at all levels.
    • Mana cost increased from 25 to 25/35/45.

Glacius.jpg Glacius

You knew it, we knew it, Chilling Presence needed a small nerf.

Hellbringer.jpg Hellbringer

Hellbringer has remained on the top of the win charts for a while, and it was mainly due to the strength of Malphas. It was our firm belief that Malphas being strong and the centerpiece of Hellbringer was okay due to how easily you can counter Malphas with Nullfire Blade. Even with Nullfire Blade, Malphas was doing too much damage in most cases, so we have toned him down. We have also readjusted Hellbringer's stats to make him more level dependent until level 11.
  • Base Intelligence lowered from 24 to 20.
  • Intelligence gain increased from 2.9 to 3.3.
  • Move Speed lowered from 295 to 290.
  • Base Damage increased from 42-52 to 47-57.
  • Hellbringer Summon Malphas.jpg Summon Malphas
    • Total Magic Damage dealt by the Damage-over-Time (DoT) portion from the initial cast reduced from 60/120/180 to 50/100/150
    • Hellbringer Summon Malphas.jpg Malphas:
      • Malphas Immolate.jpg Immolate Magic Damage per second decreased from 25/50/75 to 20/40/60.
      • Malphas Burning Sword.jpg Burning Sword bonus Attack Speed decreased from 25/50/75 to 20/40/60.
      • Fire Bomb removed and replaced with Malphas Destruction.jpg Destruction. Passively grants Malphas 50/75/100% bonus Damage against structures.

The Madman.jpg Madman

Madman is effective in spamming spells and auto-attacks, these changes will allow Gash to be used to full effect in both spells and attacks. We also buffed the Staff of the Master effect a bit to make it a more desirable pickup.
  • The Madman Gash.jpg Gash
    • Now increases both attack and spell damage dealt to targets by Madman.
    • Is now applied before any non-DoT Damage.
  • The Madman Berserk.jpg Insanity (Staff of the Master-boosted Berserk)
    • Non-ultimate spells are refreshed upon dying.
    • Death delay duration increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Killing a non-illusion enemy hero while death is delayed increases the death delay duration by 3 seconds.

Midas.jpg Midas

This hero is great and with a little love, we pushed him to the top and is now one of the premiere suicides in our game. Now is the time to tone him down a bit and keep him on top, but allow players more time to react and take him down when needed.
  • Midas Elemental Warp.jpg Elemental Warp
    • Cast action time increased from 400ms to 500ms.
  • Midas Transmute.jpg Transmute
    • Bonus Attack Damage reduced from 40/80/120 to 30/70/110.

Monkey King.jpg Monkey King

Monkey King is a source of large joys and large frustrations. In the past, we wanted to try to keep the hero enjoyable to play but reduce a lot of his frustrations to play against. We did successfully lower some of his frustrations, but he fell off a little in the process. These changes are aimed at giving him a little more mobility in the mid game and a small boost to his farm and kill potential.
  • Monkey King Illusive Dash.jpg Illusive Dash
    • Now deals 15/20/25/30 damage in addition to your Attack Damage.
  • Monkey King Flying Nimbus.jpg Flying Nimbus
    • Bonus Movement Speed while not taking damage increased from 10/15/20% to 10/20/30%.

Moon Queen.jpg Moon Queen

This is a followup buff from the previous aura change to make sure a classic hero like Moon Queen does not fall off the scene. Her ultimate can provide a lot to a team fight and even more to a 1v1 gank in the jungle. However, as players got better, they have adapted nicely to mitigating the damage of Moon Finale. An increase in the number of beams allows for more of a team fight presence and give Moon Queen an extra chance to snag a kill. The scaling on Multi-strike was unnecessary and this change will open up Moon Queen to another option in her skill build.
  • Moon Queen Multi-Strike.jpg Multi-Strike
    • Damage penalty per bounce lowered from 40/35/30/25 to 25% at all levels.
  • Moon Queen Moon Finale.jpg Moon Finale
    • Number of beams increased from 4/7/10 to 5/8/11.
    • Number of beams when boosted by Staff of the Master increased from 4/8/12 to 5/9/13.

Pestilence.jpg Pestilence

While Pestilence is a strong initiator, he provides a team much of what other initiators do. Here is a quality-of-life change for Pestilence while we look at what we can do in further patches to separate him more from other initiators, and allow him to stand apart as a hero pick.
  • Pestilence Flight.jpg Flight
    • Cooldown reduced from 45 seconds to 45/40/35/30 seconds.
  • Pestilence Swarm.jpg Swarm
    • Backswing reduced from 0.9 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

Pollywog Priest.jpg Pollywog Priest

Pollywog Priest stands on his own as a great 1v1 hero, initiator and solo mid hero. However, his solo mid presence has fallen off and we have not seen him much in competitive play. A small quality-of-life change to Electric jolt will allow him to be slightly less level dependent, and opens him up slightly more to be played in a non-solo role.
  • Pollywog Priest Electric Jolt.jpg Electric Jolt
    • Magic Damage increased from 75/150/225/300 to 105/170/235/300.

Prisoner 945.jpg Prisoner 945

Prisoner 945 is the king of single target restrain, and with the option of more restrain coming into Newerth, we want to make sure Prisoner will always be the go-to hero for single target Restrain.
  • Prisoner 945 Shackled.jpg Shackled
    • Duration increased from 3.5/4/4.5/5 to 3/5/7/9 seconds.
    • Attacks it takes to kill lowered from 3 to 2.
    • Damage per Second lowered from 20/24/28/32 to 20 to compensate for the longer duration.
      • Total damage over the duration changed from 70/96/126/160 to 60/100/140/180.

Pyromancer.jpg Pyromancer

A cult classic and great all around hero for the veteran HoN player or someone just starting out. A small increase in his Dragonfire radius will allow for better setups.

Skrap.jpg Skrap

Skrap is a newer addition to the game and we are still assessing his place in Newerth. The first thing we noticed about the hero was that the Morsel pickup just wasn't impactful enough. The hero revolves around this mechanic and it seemed like you were always shy of what you needed. The Scavenge changes will allow for more Morsels and less tediousness in gathering them. Vorax is strong and with more Morsels in the game, he will be even stronger. With the changes to towers in the last patch, we want to make sure that this hero (who is already winning a significant amount) does not become too dominant.
  • Skrap Scavenge.jpg Scavenge
    • Morsel consumption rate and healing rate decreased from 1 Morsel every 0.5 seconds to 1 Morsel every second.
    • Special Morsels spawn chance increased from 5 to 10%.
    • Charges granted by Special Morsels increased from 3 to 5.
    • The healing for Vorax is increased from 15/30/45/60 Health to 30/60/90/120 Health per Morsel.
    • The bonus damage for Vorax is increased from 1/1.5/2/2.5 to 2/3/4/5 per Morsel.
    • Morsel pickup radius increased from 120 to 170.
  • Skrap Unleash Vorax.jpg Unleash Vorax
    • Base Attack Damage reduced from 120/150/180 to 100/120/140.
    • Vorax’s base MS increased from 275 to 325.
    • Vorax now gains +5 Movement Speed every 5 minutes.
      • This matches his Movement Speed with the lane creeps whenever they upgrade their Movement Speed every 5 minutes.

Slither.jpg Slither

Slither's role as a Magic Damage-over-Time (DoT) hero was always outshone by heroes that have more Magic Damage burst than he does. By increasing his pushing capabilities and extending the threat of his Magic DoT spells through buffs on his Toxin Ward, Slither's DoT spells will eat away at enemy heroes if team fights drag on for a longer period of time.
  • Slither Toxin Ward.jpg Toxin Ward
    • Charge refresh timer decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Every time the ward deals damage, all of Slither's debuffs have their duration increased by 1 second on the attacked target.

The Dark Lady.jpg The Dark Lady

A small nerf to her farm potential and her escape capabilities was made by increasing the cooldown on Charging Strikes. This will force the player to use Charging Strikes more sparingly, as she has more downtime if she uses it to close the gap between her & the target, or when escaping/farming.
  • The Dark Lady Charging Strikes.jpg Charging Strikes
    • Cooldown increased from 15/13/11/9 seconds to 20/18/16/14 seconds.

Tremble.jpg Tremble (Rework)

Tremble has seen many changes over the years. We have tried to refocus him in an attempt to make him competitive. We have tried making Terrormounds not so frustrating to play against, but still provide Tremble with a solid play-style and advantage. After some long discussions with the competitors, it is our firm belief that having a hero with a double-attack is just simply too difficult to balance with items like Brutalizer and Thunderclaw. This isn't to say we cannot have an ability like this in the game -- but if we did, the double-attack would be the centerpiece of the hero and will most likely be on a ranged hero. This rework to Impalers is to bring back some old school lane dominance and emphasize his play-style of attacking down one target at a time.
  • Tremble Dark Swarm.jpg Dark Swarm
    • Physical Damage per second decreased from 20/30/40/50 to 10/20/30/40.
  • Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terrorform
    • Targeting mechanic changed from target position to self position.
  • Tremble Impalers.jpg Impalers Reworked
    • Gain 10 bonus Attack Damage and a 10% slow per stack of Impalers to the target when auto attacking an enemy unit for 2.5 seconds.
      • Impalers can stack 1/2/3/4 times and grants 10% slow per stack (total 40%) and 10 Attack Damage (10/20/30/40).
  • Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Hive Mind
    • Now has unitwalking at all times.

Wildsoul.jpg Wildsoul

We want Wildsoul to be our top jungle farmer, but by being in that role we need to make sure his other abilities aren't making him a powerhouse in all areas. He has taken a hit to Frenzy and Swipe to compensate for the high amount of farm he is receiving.
  • Booboo Frenzy.jpg Frenzy max charges reduced from 20 to 15
  • Booboo Swipe.jpg Swipe cooldown increased from 6 to 8 seconds

Hero Movespeed Changes[]

Movespeed adjustments were made for a large portion of the hero pool, with most of them being movespeed reductions. These adjustments were done to address the movespeed inflation throughout HoN's lifetime, and were done in conjunction with item movespeed adjustments to address this issue further.

Aluna.jpg Aluna

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Blood Hunter.jpg Blood Hunter

  • Movespeed decreased from 320 to 310.

Bombardier.jpg Bombardier

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Defiler.jpg Defiler

  • Movespeed increased from 285 to 290.

Doctor Repulsor.jpg Doctor Repulsor

  • Movespeed decreased from 305 to 295.

Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Ellonia.jpg Ellonia

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 290.

Forsaken Archer.jpg Forsaken Archer

  • Movespeed decreased from 305 to 300.

Kraken.jpg Kraken

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Lord Salforis.jpg Lord Salforis

  • Movespeed increased from 290 to 300.

Master of Arms.jpg Master of Arms

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Moira.jpg Moira

  • Movespeed decreased from 295 to 290.

Monkey King.jpg Monkey King

  • Movespeed decreased from 305 to 300.

Myrmidon.jpg Myrmidon

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 290.

Pearl.jpg Pearl

  • Movespeed decreased from 295 to 290.

Prisoner 945.jpg Prisoner 945

  • Movespeed decreased from 305 to 295.

Rally.jpg Rally

  • Movespeed decreased from 305 to 295.

Revenant.jpg Revenant

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Rhapsody.jpg Rhapsody

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith

  • Movespeed increased from 295 to 305.

Scout.jpg Scout

  • Movespeed decreased from 315 to 310.

Shadowblade.jpg Shadowblade

  • Movespeed decreased from 310 to 305.

Silhouette.jpg Silhouette

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

Soul Reaper.jpg Soul Reaper

  • Movespeed increased from 290 to 305.

Tempest.jpg Tempest

  • Movespeed decreased from 300 to 295.

The Dark Lady.jpg The Dark Lady

  • Movespeed decreased from 305 to 300.

Item Balance[]

HoN has had some problematic power inflation through items for quite some time. We noticed the ratio of power per gold you can buy has increased over the last few years and it's time to do something about it. The current meta is almost completely driven from this increased item power, forcing heroes into buying incredibly efficient items they feel are almost mandatory. Heroes are often defined by items instead of the heroes being defined from their uniqueness and abilities.
There are many recipe items that give a lot of damage/stats for no cost. We are lowering a lot of these to reinforce that finishing a recipe generally is more for the unique effect it brings and not for its stats.
After playing with these changes, you should notice that the impact of finishing a recipe is enhanced at the cost of the cheaper components being less efficient. This will push the game away from the super-powered item meta and let many more heroes feel powerful and have a meaningful impact on the game.

New Items[]

New Component: Alacrity Band.jpg Alacrity Band

  • 25 Attack Speed
  • 1200g Cost
  • Relics Shop
Alacrity Bands were conjured by The Divine Coterie as a means to quicken their tumbling, juggling, and stage combat in order to further impress their audiences. They didn't care if the crowd was made of peasants or nobles -* they just wanted to put on an amazing show. When a half-drunk and superstitious baron accused them of witchcraft for possessing such agility and ordered them burned at the stake, the performers found another purpose for the Alacrity Bands: defending oneself and attacking one's assailant with a stunning level of speed and zeal. It was a short matter of time before the accessories were carried into battle, and the mass graves began to fill faster than ever.

New Component: Branded Sabre.jpg Branded Sabre

  • 35 Damage
  • 2000g Cost
  • Weapons shop
The Branded Sabres were forged by the Mordant Paragons as a means to showcase the number of souls they had dispatched from the mortal coil. With each kill another tally is etched in the blade, a permanent testimony to the sabre's brutal efficacy.

New Component: Luminous Prism.jpg Luminous Prism

  • 16 Intelligence
  • 1650g Cost
  • Accessories Shop
The Paragons brought many enigmatic items with them from Argentia, and the delicate and scarce Luminous Prisms are essential to even possibly comprehending the others. The glowing crystal lenses allow the holder to see the world with a fresh, unnatural amount of awareness and perception, along with a knowledge of the untapped power within all things and how to access it.

New Component: Perpetual Cogwheel.jpg Perpetual Cogwheel

  • 150% Mana Regeneration
  • 1325g Cost
  • Legendary Shop
These ancient talismans were forged early in the age of Sol to combat the Magebanes and the powers bestowed upon them by their heretical gods. The ceaseless movement of the wheel served a dual purpose, generating the precious mystical energies drained by those miscreant, pagan sorcerers while providing a tangible symbol for the eternal power of the one true god.

New Component: Voltstone.jpg Voltstone

A new minor item that will be the basis for all current and future lightning-based items.
  • 700g cost
  • Every 6th attack deals 55 Magic Damage to your target and two additional nearby enemies.
  • Lightning can only fire once every second.
  • Not attacking for 5 seconds will remove a charge, counting as one attack.
  • Legendary Shop
Hand-sculpted and inscribed by the original Thunderbringers in their quest to harness the power of lightning, Voltstones are common enough to be extremely dangerous to everyone in Newerth. Although the exogenous bolts they channel are less potent than shamanic Chain Lightning, it still takes a firm hand to hold a crackling Voltstone while it launches raw electricity at multiple enemies.

New Recipe: Arclight Crown.jpg Arclight Crown

This new lightning item is debuting as the premiere Attack Speed item, reigning over all others when it comes to attacking as fast as possible. The proc will only bounce to heroes, so you cannot farm with it. However, you can deal a lot of guaranteed damage to heroes during fights.
  • Components: Voltstone.jpg Voltstone (700g) + Warpcleft.jpg Warpcleft (1800g) + Warpcleft.jpg Warpcleft (1800g) + Recipe (1000g) = Arclight Crown (5300g)
  • Passively grants 90 Attack Speed.
  • Cast Chain Lightning every 5th attack that deals 225 Magic Damage and applies a mini-slow to the target attacked.
  • Bounces to up to two enemy heroes within 600 radius. Will only bounce to heroes no matter what your main target was.
  • Not attacking for 5 seconds will remove a charge, counting as one attack.
  • Chain Lightning can only fire once every second.
  • Passive: If you are attacked (auto-attack or spell) for over 100 damage before reduction, a charge is removed.
  • Combative Shop
At the height of the Tooth and Nail savagery, when the Beasts fell upon Man with the goal of extinction, the Arclight Lords of Il Morg harnessed the power of the northern borealis as a final defense against the encroaching horde. Each Lord's crown served as a conduit, allowing the energy to build between them, yet this was still not enough to defeat the Thunderbringers. When the Arclight King was the last man standing, he shifted the sorcery of the crowns to bind his enemies with the shattering power of the borealis, but the shamans defeated him before he could strike. In the centuries since, the Thunderbringers have tried to keep the destructive crowns sequestered from mankind, but humans have a knack of finding the very things that will be their undoing.

New Recipe: Bloodborne Maul.jpg Bloodborne Maul

We have wanted to create a strength carry-based item for a while, but never found an interesting way to do so -* until now. This item might seem underwhelming at first glance, but in testing we have seen many strength carries of old rise again with the power of the Bloodborne Maul.
  • Components: Axe of the Malphai.jpg Axe of the Malphai (3200g) + Bolstering Armband.jpg Bolstering Armband (450g) + Recipe (1350g) = Bloodborne Maul (5000g)
  • Passively grants 45 Strength.
  • Each attack removes 2% of your current Health when you hit someone.
  • Passively adds one bonus True damage to your attacks for every 25 Health you are missing.
  • Max of +120 True damage (3000 Health lost).
  • Combative Shop
The Bloodborne Maul was devised centuries ago by the Mordant Paragons, who used twisted sorcery and brilliant craftsmanship to seal a copious amount of Malphas blood in a hollow chamber within the head of the weapon. Their intent was to create a blade that carried the destructive power of the terrifying daemons, which it does, but they discovered an added bonus: the maul cannot be swung lightly. Even the softest swing shifts the blood within, generating an unnatural momentum that builds to a crushing impact that leaves both the target and bearer wounded and weeping.

New Recipe: Jade Spire.jpg Jade Spire

This item is focused on the class of heroes who are hardcore mana-based casters such as Torturer, Oogie, and Ellonia. It builds up from the new reworked Nome's Wisdom and adds on a unique active effect that is related to Symbol of Rage, but this one is strictly for casters. A powerful item that breathes life to some of our more underplayed heroes.
  • Components: Nome's Wisdom.jpg Nome's Wisdom (2125g) + Acolyte's Staff.jpg Acolyte's Staff (2600g) = Jade Spire (4725g)
  • Passively grants 30 Intelligence, 3 Magic Armor, and 100% Mana Regeneration.
  • Passive Magic Armor does not stack with other sources of Magic Armor.
  • Superior Wisdom Aura (Passive - 900 Radius)
  • +2 Armor
  • +2.5 Magic Armor (This DOES stack with other sources of Magic Armor.)
  • +2 Mana Regeneration
  • 45% of mana used converted to Health (If full life, grants a shield.)
  • Jade Rift (Active)
  • + 500% Mana Regeneration
  • + 100% Magic Damage Lifesteal against heroes.
  • 45 cooldown, 4 duration, 125 Manacost
  • Supportive Shop
Only the most accomplished masters of sorcery are fit to carry a Jade Spire, both because of the high status they indicate and the amount of raw power they are capable of channeling. Amateurs and dilettantes who foolishly try to heft a Spire awaken to find themselves in hospital -* if they wake at all. But in the hands of a wise and humble expert, these scaled-down versions of the original Jade Spire temple lost somewhere beneath the Rulian Marsh can perform miracles of protection and rejuvenation for the bearer, while drawing every ounce of life from those who stand against them.

New Recipe: Soultrap.jpg Soultrap

Early game supports and roamers rejoice! You now have a way to heal yourself as long as you continue to participate in hero kills. The Strength buildup increases your survival, while the healing sustains your presence in lane or while roaming.
  • Components: Crushing Claws.jpg Crushing Claws (150g) + Crushing Claws.jpg Crushing Claws (150g) + Recipe (700g) = Soultrap (1000g)
  • +8 Strength
  • +50% Mana Regeneration
  • When an enemy hero dies within 1000 radius, gain a charge.
  • Max of 2 charges.
  • Starts with 1 charge.
  • Soul's Release (Active)
  • Target an ally to heal for 360 Health over 12 seconds.
  • Costs 1 Charge.
  • Dispels on damage taken.
  • 20s cooldown, 800 cast range, 25 manacost.
  • Protective Shop
The Soultrap was devised by Legion engineers to capture the spirits of dead soldiers before they could be harvested by the Hellbourne, and after making the ultimate sacrifice these collected souls were released to breathe new life into the gravely wounded. But Hellbourne spies lurk even in the sacrosanct workshops of the engineers, and soon the daemons had their own name for the Soultrap: Lunchbox.

New Recipe: Spiked Bola.jpg Spiked Bola

This Agility-based item adds a unique disarm effect to the game. We forsee many semi-carries picking this up to help boost their damage output while shutting down the enemy carry. Keep in mind when you use it that it does not go through Magic Immunity!
  • Components: Alacrity Band.jpg Alacrity Band (1200g) + Dancing Blade.jpg Dancing Blade (3200g) + Recipe (200g) = Spiked Bola (4600g)
  • Passively grants 30 Agility and 35 Attack Speed
  • On use, target enemy unit takes 200 Magic damage and is disarmed for 3.5 seconds.
  • 45s cooldown, 75 Manacost, 650 Range
  • Does not go through Shrunken Head and debuff can be purged.
  • Combative Shop
The hunter-gatherer tribes of the Savannahs have lived for centuries by outsmarting the faster, stronger, and deadlier creatures that serve as both predator and prey, and one of their finest advancements is the Spiked Bola. It can be thrown quickly enough to intercept a sprinting gazelle and hits hard enough to stun an armored rhino (though the tribespeople strongly advise against this), but it was not created just for hunting and defense. Because of the constant warring between tribes, the bola's length is designed to wrap around a large human several times, pinning his arms long enough for warriors to close in and finish him off. In the hands of a skilled thrower, the Spiked Bola can bring whirling, agonizing death upon even the strongest combatant.

New Recipe: Spyglass.jpg Spyglass

With the changes to Savage Mace, we wanted to make sure there was still a hard counter for evasion in the game. Spyglass does that job well, but comes at the cost of consuming an item slot that is not efficient late game. An additional use for Savage Mace is always being able to attack a building uphill, making base breaking easier.
  • Components: Punchdagger.jpg Punchdagger (500g) + Recipe (1250g) = Spyglass (1750g)
  • +17 Damage
  • Scoped! (Active)
  • Grants you Truestrike for 16 seconds.
  • While the Truestrike buff is active, all enemy buildings within 900 radius are sighted and revealed.
  • 25s cooldown, 0 Manacost
  • Initiation Shop
Scavenged from the crumbling loopholes of Watchtower, Spyglasses once used a potent blend of metallurgy and alchemy to detect attackers while they were still in column formation, marching toward a distant battle. Defenders then used the crystal-clear scopes to deliver devastating artillery on the massed enemy. In these days of sorcery and savagery, the same Spyglasses are used by warriors to survey opposing fortifications, track enemy movement, and on a good day assassinate dozens of the fools.

New Recipe: Ultor's Heavy Helm.jpg Ultor's Heavy Plate

This new armor item gives a lot of survivability with its ability to grant upwards of 95% Physical damage reduction while cleansing all debuffs off yourself. This is the single highest armor item in the game and finally the non-carries have a way to purge themselves of debuffs.
  • Components: Helm of the Victim.jpg Helm of the Victim (950g) + Platemail.jpg Platemail (1400g) + Pickled Brain.jpg Pickled Brain (950g) + Recipe (1200g) = Ultor's Heavy Plate (4500g)
  • Passively grants 18 Armor.
  • Gives 3 Health Regeneration and 250 Max Mana.
  • Passively slows Attack Speed of all enemies within 900 units by 20%.
  • Stalwart (Active)
  • On use, dispels all debuffs and grants you + 100 Armor that decreases to 0 over 6 seconds.
  • 50 Manacost, 45 second cooldown.
  • Protective Shop
Ultor was King Jeraziah's most experienced general in the war against his half-sister Ophelia and her Beast Horde, and he was first among the vanguard in that infamous clearing that ripped open into the Scar. Unhorsed and stunned by the onslaught of the Second Corruption, he was skinned alive and left for dead by Torturer. In the aftermath of the carnage, Jeraziah found the Martyrs finishing their last rites over the fading general. But Ultor was not done fighting. In agony, he struggled to one knee and bowed before his king, begging to live another day so he could avenge the soldiers lost to the Hellbourne. Jeraziah was moved to tears. The King himself designed a suit of armor, its materials harvested from the statues of the Five Disciples and forged by the Sacred Order, and when Ultor was sheathed in its plates he blessedly felt no pain. In the ensuing battle he fought like a man who could not be killed -- and indeed, he could not -- but when the squires peeled the armor off his raw flesh to cleanse his wounds the legendary general died instantly. The armor became a shrine to his courage and loyalty, and it is a rare warrior who is worthy of donning Ultor's Heavy Plate.

Basic / Component Item Changes[]

Ioyn Stone.jpg Ioyn Stone

We had some great ideals when we put Ioyn Stone into the game, but sadly they turned out to be just that -* ideals. The reality of the situation is that Ioyn Stone caused a lot more frustration than it did good play, and the result was a net negative when it was (rarely) used. We decided to remove it from the game for now.
  • Removed from the game.

Portal Key.jpg Portal Key

Portal Key has always been one of the most impactful items in the game when purchased, but it is currently being bought too quickly. We are slowing that down by a small amount while increasing the cooldown to promote it being used more as an initiation tool instead of an escape one. The Portal Key drop trick was also removed to prevent unintentional escape tricks with it.
  • Cost increased from 2150 to 2250.
  • Cooldown increased from 14 to 15 seconds.
  • Now starts a 3s cooldown when picked up.
Many of the changes below were made to normalize some of the variance in efficiency between different tiers of items. If an item does not have an explanation, this is why it was changed.

Acolyte's Staff.jpg Acolyte's Staff

  • Cost decreased from 2700 to 2600.

Beastheart.jpg Beastheart

  • Max Health decreased from 250 to 215.

Dancing Blade.jpg Dancing Blade

  • Cost increased from 3000 to 3200.

Glowstone.jpg Glowstone

  • Max Mana decreased from 150 to 120.

Homecoming Stone.jpg Homecoming Stone

  • Cost decreased from 135 to 100.

Pickled Brain.jpg Pickled Brain

  • Max Mana decreased from 250 to 200.

Slayer.jpg Slayer

  • Cost increased from 2200 to 2400.
  • Damage increased from 40 to 45.

Steamstaff.jpg Steamstaff

  • Damage decreased from 12 to 10.

Sword of the High.jpg Sword of the High

  • Damage increased from 60 to 64.

Warpcleft.jpg Warpcleft

  • Price increased from 1500 to 1800.

Recipe Item Changes[]

Alchemist's Bones.jpg Alchemist's Bones

A small change to the item to tweak the buildup and use the new Attack Speed component. This is a small nerf to the buildup but opens up the opportunity to tweak it more in the future.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost decreased from 900g to 650g; total cost from 1900g to 1850g.

Arcana.jpg Arcana

  • Damage decreased from 17 to 12.
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 75% to 50%.

Assassin's Shroud.jpg Assassin's Shroud

  • Recipe cost decreased from 1300g to 1200g (Total cost from 3300g to 3200g).
  • Damage decreased from 40 to 30.

Astrolabe.jpg Astrolabe

Increasing the healing slightly, but in a way that doesn't buff the burst healing potential.
  • Astrolabe cooldown debuff now grants 3 Health Regeneration.
    • This means using Astrolabe heals for 200 and then heals for another 75 over 25 seconds.

Barrier Idol.jpg Barrier Idol

This restores the healing aura that it takes to build this item in the first place. A small buff, but one that makes sense.
  • Now has a +3 Health Regeneration aura with 900 range around the holder.

Behemoth's Heart.jpg Behemoth's Heart

  • Recipe cost decreased from 1000 to 800.
  • Max Health increased from 300 to 350.

Blood Chalice.jpg Blood Chalice

  • Mana Regeneration increased from 50% to 75%.

Brutalizer.jpg Brutalizer

This item needed some work as it had internal synergy of Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and a percentage chance proc that also does damage. We are removing the agility to fix some of the internal synergy, while nerfing the item very slightly for agility heroes at the same time.
  • Quickblade.jpg Quickblade removed from the recipe, replaced with Branded Sabre.jpg Branded Sabre.
  • Recipe cost decreased from 1100g to 500g; total cost from 3100g to 3500g.
  • Agility decreased from 10 to 0.
  • Damage increased from 20 to 35.

Codex.jpg Codex

These stats were leftover from when the item took different components to build. To compensate, we now scale the damage as the item is leveled up.
  • 3 Strength removed.
  • 3 Agility removed.
  • Damage increased from 18 to 18/20/22/24/26 as you upgrade.

Elder Parasite.jpg Elder Parasite

This item, mathematically, is insane and the weakness of it was counteracted by itself. We removed the Beastheart to give the item an actual downside while buffing the active effect to be very impactful when used correctly. We are also removing the Activation Modifier, as wel feel that this item no longer needs the restriction with the removal of bonus Health.
  • Beastheart.jpg Beastheart removed from the recipe, replaced with Lifetube.jpg Lifetube.
  • Recipe cost increased from 400g to 625g; total cost unchanged.
  • 250 Max Health removed.
  • Now grants +5 Health Regeneration.
  • Active Lifesteal increased from 20% to 30%.
  • No longer an Activation Modifier.
    • This means it can be used at the same time as Shrunken Head and Void Talisman.

Genjuro.jpg Genjuro

  • Agility increased from 25 to 30.
  • Damage decreased from 45 to 35.

Harkon's Blade.jpg Harkon's Blade

  • Recipe cost increased from 500g to 600g; total cost unchanged.
  • Damage decreased from 27 to 20.
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 150% to 125%.
  • Attack Speed increased from 10 to 15.

Hellflower.jpg Hellflower

  • Damage decreased from 51 to 40.
  • Attack Speed increased from 30 to 35.
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 225% to 200%.
  • Manacost decreased from 150 to 100.
  • Silence duration increased from 4.5 to 5 seconds.

Helm of the Black Legion.jpg Helm of the Black Legion

  • Max Health increased from 300 to 350.

Icon of the Goddess.jpg Icon of the Goddess

  • Max Mana decreased from 400 to 350.
  • Health Regeneration from a nearby enemy hero dying reduced from 20 to 10
    • 300 HP heal over 15 seconds reduced to 150 HP heal over 15 seconds.
    • Mana Regeneration unchanged.

Insanitarius.jpg Insanitarius

  • Damage decreased from 12 to 10.

Iron Shield.jpg Iron Shield

  • Agility increased from 6 to 8.

Mock of Brilliance.jpg Mock of Brilliance

A tweak to the item so it is useful in a wider array of situations and deals more damage to those who are not Magic Immune.
  • Attack Damage increased from 60 to 65.
  • Aura Damage type changed from Magic to True.
    • Target type is still Magic so it will not deal damage to Magic Immune units, but when it does deal damage to a unit, that damage is no longer reduced by Magic Armor.

Nome's Wisdom.jpg Nome's Wisdom

This item had no focus before, being a mix of all different stats. It has been reworked to be related to its partner: Abyssal Skull. It is now a great Magic Armor aura item that can be used to help a team that is under assault by a heavy magic damage-focused lineup.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost increased from 200g to 250g; total cost from 2240g to 2125g.
  • All passive bonuses (4 Strength/Agility/Intelligence, 6 Damage) removed.
  • Now passively grants 3 Magic Armor and 100% Mana Regeneration.
    • Magic Armor does not stack with other sources of Magic Armor.
  • Aura now grants +2 Magic Armor, +2 Armor, +0.75 Mana Regeneration and heals the unit for 30% of the Mana Cost of a spell the unit casts (shields them if their Health is full)
    • Aura Magic Armor DOES stack with other sources of Magic Armor.

Nullfire Blade.jpg Nullfire Blade

This change makes it so that you no longer need to go through a weak version of Nullfire to actually get the good item you want. The item is now agility focused and still priced at the level 1 tier, as we didn't want to throw off the timings in-game.
  • No longer upgrades.
  • Apprentice's Robe.jpg Apprentice's Robe removed from the recipe, replaced with Fleetfeet.jpg Fleetfeet.
  • Recipe cost is still 700g; total cost unchanged.
  • 6 Intelligence removed.
  • Agility increased from 22 to 30.
  • Burn amount increased from 20 to 24 per attack.
  • Burn damage decreased from 100% to 60% of mana burned.
  • Nullfire Blade's active now deals 1000 damage to summoned units instead of instantly killing them.

Null Stone.jpg Null Stone

Null Stone is triggered by many items and abilities, leaving it in a strange position where it is "easily" countered since it only goes off once a fight. We went through a lot of different iterations to try to find a balance where Null Stone was both impactful but not overwhelming in a fight. We found the root of the problem being how long it took to refresh once Null Stone fired from a low cooldown ability, thus the refresh time of the spell block effect was lowered from 20 seconds to 16 seconds. We also reworked the components to remove stats from the item and replaced it with equivalent health and mana, keeping it as an equal defensive item for stats and a better one for blocking single target spells.
  • Components Reworked.
  • Recipe cost increased from 300g to 1200g; total cost is unchanged.
  • Passively grants 200 Max Health, 200 Max Mana, 10 Damage, 6 Health Regeneration, 150% Mana Regeneration.
    • 10 Strength, 10 Agility, and 10 Intelligence has been removed.
  • When not in cooldown, negates a single targeted spell.
  • Cooldown decreased from 20s to 16s.

Puzzlebox.jpg Puzzlebox

We did not find that much of a problem with Puzzlebox other than being able to build it too fast, but we mainly wanted to tweak some of the recipe buildups in the game to separate them from each other to prevent easy masking of builds. An example is Neophyte's Book building into 6-8 items. This makes hiding builds too easy, and we want to make sure that you have ample information to respond to item builds of your enemies.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost decreased from 1250g to 1025g; total cost from 2700/3950/5200g to 3125/4150/5175g.
  • Intelligence from 15/20/25 to 18/22/26.
  • Strength from 9/12/15 to 11/13/15.

Refreshing Ornament.jpg Refreshing Ornament

  • Health Regeneration Aura increased from 2 to 3.

Restoration Stone.jpg Restoration Stone

This item got a lot of free damage out of nowhere, but the Intelligence and Attack Speed items it took to build got no bonus. This has been corrected.
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 200% to 150%.
  • Damage decreased from 41 to 20.
  • Intelligence increased from 6 to 10.
  • Attack Speed increased from 10 to 15.

Ring of Sorcery.jpg Ring of Sorcery

  • Max Mana decreased from 300 to 250.

Runed Cleaver.jpg Runed Cleaver

A minor buff to the item to give melee heroes an easier time attacking spread-out neutrals.
  • Splash range increased from 225 to 275.

Kuldra's Sheepstick.jpg Sheepstick

One of the most powerful effects in the game has always been the ability to disable someone in the way that Sheepstick does. We felt this effect was too good to be linked to a huge amount of stats. We removed the bonus stats and instead re-focused the item on intelligence and the active sheep effect.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost removed and the item now auto-assembles (Total cost from 5675g to 5575g).
  • 10 Strength and 10 Agility removed.
  • Intelligence increased from 35 to 50.
  • Transfigured effect duration increased from 3s to 3.5s.

Shieldbreaker.jpg Shieldbreaker

This is mainly a buff to the third level of the item, giving it a secondary use as a fantastic pushing item.
  • Damage decreased from 40/54/68 to 40/50/60.
  • Armor Reduction increased from 3/5/7 to 4/6/8.
  • Level 3 of the item now applies a stacking -1 Armor debuff to buildings and gadgets you attack.
    • Max of 8 stacks.

Spell Sunder.jpg Spell Sunder

Spell Sunder has always been in a very strange place as it was a relatively cheap item that gave an enormous impact in the late game. It doesn't do much if picked up early on, since heroes do not have much life yet. This was always strange and we have changed a few things to keep the focus of the item the same, but increased the price and effect, pushing it more towards that mid- or late-game point.
  • Components reworked.
  • Now has a 300g recipe (Total cost from 2365g to 2825g).
  • Max Mana decreased from 250 to 200.
  • Now grants + 200 Max Health.
  • No longer gives 4 Strength, 4 Agility, or 4 Intelligence.
  • Mana Regeneration from 100% to 200%.
  • Debuff duration increased from 3s to 3.5s.
    • This is a 17% DoT damage increase.

Spellshards.jpg Spellshards

  • Magic Armor pierce increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Damage decreased from 17 to 14.
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 125% to 100%.

Stormspirit.jpg Stormspirit

Stormspirit was changed heavily in the past and its usage has dropped off severely due to that. We wanted to re-introduce this item as a meaningful choice for support heroes during the midgame. To that end, you can now cast it at a much further distance, but using it to save an ally now imposes a heavy penalty on them when they land.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost removed and the item now auto-assembles (Total cost from 3000g to 2850g).
  • Range increased from 450 to 650.
  • Movement Speed decreased from 30 to 25.
  • Still applies "Cycloned" to the target for 2 seconds.
  • Now applies "Windswept" to the target for 1 second after "Cycloned" ends.
  • Windswept: Restrained and Perplexed.

Sustainer.jpg Sustainer

  • Damage decreased from 10 to 4.

Symbol of Rage.jpg Symbol of Rage

  • Now gives +3 Health Regeneration.

Tablet of Command.jpg Tablet of Command

This item has always been the go-to choice for any and all supports in the game. With Stormspirit becoming a viable option again, we wanted to make sure Tablet didn't overshadow it. We removed the stats off the item and replace them with armor. This means if you buy the new Tablet, Physical Damage mitigation is about the same, while Magic Damage will be slightly more effective against you.
  • Major Totem.jpg Major Totem component replaced with Guardian Ring.jpg Guardian Ring.
  • Recipe cost increased from 500 to 825; total cost from 2040g to 2000g.
  • Cooldown decreased from 20s to 18s.
  • 4 Strength and 4 Agility removed.
  • Intelligence decreased from 14 to 12.
  • Now grants +2 Armor.

Void Talisman.jpg Void Talisman

  • Strength, Agility, and Intelligence decreased by 1.

Whispering Helm.jpg Whispering Helm

  • Now gives +3 Health Regeneration.
  • Damage decreased from 20 to 10.
  • Lifesteal increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Now gives dominated creeps a permanent 50 Movespeed and 1 Mana Regeneration.

Armor Item Changes[]

Daemonic Breastplate.jpg Daemonic Breastplate

This item has been arguably the best armor item in the game and has always been too efficient and powerful. We are addressing this by inheriting the switch mechanic from Sol's Bulwark, giving you a choice between a powerful offensive or defensive tool. Between this item and the new armor item (Ultor's Heavy Plate), we want it to be clear that Daemonic is the team armor item while Ultor's Heavy Plate is the personal armor item.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost decreased from 1500g to 900g; total cost from 5550g to 5825g.
  • Passive Armor from 10 to 6.
  • Passive Attack Speed from 40 to 30.
  • Aura Attack Speed increased from 15 to 20.
  • Aura Armor reworked. Now, on use, swaps between Ally mode and Enemy mode.
    • Ally Mode: +7 Armor/20 Attack Speed for allies. -3 Armor for enemies.
    • Enemy Mode: +3 Armor/20 Attack Speed for allies. -7 Armor for enemies.

Frostfield Plate.jpg Frostfield Plate

We mourn the loss of a classic item that has been in the game since its inception. We had to come to the harsh reality that the niche which Frostfield Plate filled was so narrow that it realistically and statistically did not exist. The purchase rate was abysmally low and kept a very unique and cool effect locked behind the steep purchase price. We opted to remove the item while moving the effect to Frostwolf Skull. See that item for details!
  • Removed from the game.

Sol's Bulwark.jpg Sol's Bulwark

This item has always been very efficient for not only yourself, but for your team. Lowering the power level of Sol's Bulwark not only makes upgrading it into Daemonic Breastplate that much more impactful, but also makes it slightly easier to build as well.
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe Cost increased from 900g to 1000g; total cost from 2000g to 1725g.
  • Passive Armor lowered from 6 to 4.
  • Aura Armor lowered from 4 to 3.

Brand Item Changes[]

Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer has always been a complicated item to balance. We don't want to overshadow the "big" items the brands build into, but we want it to be a meaningful choice as well. To accomplish this we have decided to make Dawnbringer the better passive stat item while the brand-based items have the powerful active effects. Players can now choose between the passive nature of Dawnbringer or the powerful fight-changing effects of Frostwolf Skull, Grimoire of Power, and Geometer's Bane.
  • Searing DoT removed.
  • Damage increased from 12 to 15.
  • Movespeed slow per charge increased from 6% to 8%.
  • Movespeed slow max charges increased from 4 to 5.
  • Passive: when casting any spell, 40% of its Mana Cost is dealt as bonus Damage on your next attack.

Frostwolf's Skull.jpg Frostwolf's Skull

Frostwolf Skull has always been an outlier in the brand tree of items. It was much more expensive, gave extraordinary stat bonuses, but had no active effect. We wanted to equalize this item with its partner end-brand items (Geometer's Bane and Grimoire of Power). These changes do that by lowering its power level from passive bonuses significantly, but also lower the price by a significant amount. On top of that, the item now has a familiar active effect that slows and deals damage to everyone around you on use.
  • Glowstone.jpg Glowstone removed from recipe.
  • Recipe cost increased 300g to 800g; total cost from 5800 to 5100g.
  • Strength decreased from 30 to 26.
  • Agility decreased from 20 to 10.
  • Intelligence decreased from 20 to 10.
  • Max Health (200) removed.
  • Max Mana (150) removed.
  • Melee: Attack Speed Debuff changed from -30% to -30.
  • Melee: Movespeed Slow increased from 30% to 35%.
  • Ranged: Attack Speed Debuff changed from -20% to -20.
  • New Activation: On use, releases a ring of ice that deals 100 Magic Damage to enemies within 750 radius and applies the slow (either Ranged or Melee depending on who used the item) for 4 seconds.
    • Does not grant Clearvision on use like Frostfield Plate used to.
    • 30 second cooldown, 100 Mana Cost

Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire of Power

The passive damage increase has been one of the pain points in the game since it was introduced. This new version still appeals to the same heroes that would want it before but the damage increase is much more controlled. The short duration buff also rewards great timing, creating many new highs during gameplay.
  • Searing DoT removed.
  • Mana Regeneration decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Passive 15% Damage increase removed.
  • Passive: when casting any spell, 35% of its Mana Cost is dealt as bonus Damage on your next attack.
  • New Activation: On use, increases all of your spell damage done by 20% for 6 seconds.
    • 60 second cooldown, 150 Mana Cost.

Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane

This is a change for the competitive players that will make them realistically dodge more spells with the Invulnerability, but still require a high level of skill and quick reaction times.
  • Invulnerability window increased from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds.

Lightbrand.jpg Lightbrand, Frozen Light.jpg Frozen Light, Searing Light.jpg Searing Light, Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer, Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire of Power

These items have had a farming tool on them since their inception, but it is not an effect that belongs on this type of item. To correct this mistake, we re-designed the effect to be based around the concept of giving Lightbrand items a better use for heroes who cast a lot of spells. It still has the great Mana Regeneration, so it is still effective for the strength heroes while enhancing the caster-based carries.
  • Searing DoT removed.
  • When you cast a spell the item gets charged.
    • When charged, your next auto-attack deals a percentage of your previous spell's mana cost as bonus damage.
  • Lightbrand.jpg Lightbrand: 25% of Mana Cost as bonus Damage.
  • Frozen Light.jpg Frozen Light & Searing Light.jpg Searing Light: 30% of Mana Cost as bonus Damage.
  • Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire: 35% of Mana Cost as bonus Damage.
  • Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer: 40% of Mana Cost as bonus Damage.

Evasion / True Strike Item Changes[]

Savage Mace.jpg Savage Mace

Right now, any interaction with evasion is skewed by Savage Mace. The item is so good, so efficient, and so powerful as a hard counter that it is arguably the best damage item in the game. We want to change this interaction to help Wingbow become a realistic pickup again, and also to implement more evasion-based mechanics in the future. To accomplish this, we simply turned off the passive Truestrike that Savage Mace provides. To activate the Truestrike, you now have to miss an attack first. Once you do, the next few attacks cannot miss. This leaves Savage Mace as a valid choice against Wingbow, but it is no longer a hard counter that completely shuts down the item.
  • Components reworked.
  • 1100g recipe cost added; total cost from 5400g to 5500g.
  • Damage decreased from 88 to 80.
  • Passive Truestrike removed.
  • When you miss an attack, as long as the item is not on cooldown, your next 3 attacks cannot miss.
    • 6.5 second cooldown.

Wingbow.jpg Wingbow

These are small number adjustments to the balance and changes to the bonus for melee heroes. The old bonus to melee heroes was very strange and did not have good feedback or impact on the game. Now we can give a great bonus that is something every melee hero will want: Unitwalking and speed.
  • Evasion increased from 30% to 33%.
  • Damage decreased from 32 to 30.
  • Melee heroes no longer reflect damage on evaded attacks; instead, they now gain 10 Movement Speed and permanent Unitwalking.
    • Item can be toggled to disable Unitwalking at will for no cost.
    • Ranged bonus is unchanged.

Lightning Item Changes[]

Charged Hammer.jpg Charged Hammer

We wanted to rework several aspects of this item, but sadly when we had it in testing we ran into multiple problems that were unsolvable while still keeping the item the same at its core. We decided the better route was to remove it and introduce a different lightning item we could create from the ground up.
  • Removed from the game.

Thunderclaw.jpg Thunderclaw

This item was incredibly efficient for what it costs. It also filled a hard farming role, but in a way that we have found unhealthy for the game due to its pure damage output outside of farming. This rework keeps it as a farming tool that is comparable to Runed Cleaver, but for ranged heroes. It is no longer an item that will directly help you carry, but it will help your farm significantly to get you to those carry items!
  • Components reworked.
  • Recipe cost removed, now auto assembles; total cost from 2400g to 3500g.
  • Attack Speed decreased from 40 to 25.
  • Now grants + 25 Damage.
  • Every 3rd attack deals 100 Magic Damage in a 275 AOE centered on the target.
  • Not attacking for 5 seconds will remove a charge, counting as one attack.

Movespeed Item Changes[]

These changes were made to lower the amount of movespeed injected into the game. There are many items and heroes that give movespeed, so we will be lowering that across the board. We want to slow down the ability to reach 450+ movespeed in every game with every hero.

Assassin's Shroud.jpg Assassin's Shroud

  • Movespeed bonus while stealthed decreased from + 20% to + 15%.

Dawnbringer.jpg Dawnbringer

  • Movespeed multiplier decreased from 16% to 10%.

Energizer.jpg Energizer

  • Movespeed bonus from activation re-scaled from 75 to tapering 75->0 over its 6 second duration.
  • Heroes and non-player controlled units that are affected by the activation no longer gain Unitwalking.
    • Non-hero player controlled units still get Unitwalking.

Firebrand.jpg Firebrand

  • Movespeed multiplier decreased from 10% to 6%.

Genjuro.jpg Genjuro

  • Movespeed bonus while stealthed decreased from + 25% to + 20%.

Ghost Marchers.jpg Ghost Marchers

  • Movespeed bonus decreased when active from 12% to 8%.
    • Item still gives 70 Movespeed.

Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane

  • Movespeed bonus from 10% to 8%.

Marchers.jpg Marchers

  • Movespeed decreased from 50 to 45.

Plated Greaves.jpg Plated Greaves

  • Movespeed decreased from 70 to 65.

Post Haste.jpg Post Haste

  • Recipe cost of Post Haste decreased from 1600g to 1550g.
  • Movespeed charges falloff range increased from 900 to 1000.
  • All charges removed at 775 range, increased from 600.

Searing Light.jpg Searing Light & Frostburn.jpg Frostburn

  • Movespeed multiplier decreased from 14% to 8%.

Steamboots.jpg Steamboots

  • Attack Speed decreased from 25 to 20.

Striders.jpg Striders

  • Recipe cost of Striders increased from 150g to 200g.
  • Movespeed per charge from 25 to 20 (max of 100 to 80 movespeed).
  • All charges removed at 750 range, increased from 600.


A Very Regal Christmas[]

The Banjo Quit Sound has been a staple for many of the veteran HoN players. For Frostburn Studios to move forward and maintain the best intentions for both new and veteran players of HoN, we have added the feature to enable the Banjo Quit Sound.
  • A "Banjo Quit Sound" feature is now available in Options -> Interface -> Miscellaneous.
  • The option is set to be Off by default.
With the holiday season in full swing, we've lined up a series of events and specials that should set the mood just right!

Merrick's Presents

Merrick is really feeling the holiday spirit and has graciously created presents for all of his customers. These presents can be found in the "Other" section of Merrick's shop.
  • Loyal Customer Present
    • This present costs 600 GC and contains 1 random Gold Collection, Debut Edition, Early Access, or Ultimate Edition avatar. Purchase limit of 3.
  • Holiday Customer Present
    • This present costs 300 GC and contains 1 random Limited Edition or Holiday Edition avatar. Purchase limit of 3.
  • Vigilant Customer Present
    • This present costs 500 SC and contains 1 random Ward Skin. Purchase limit of 5.

Stay Warm and Bundle Up

  • Another special from your favorite goblin: Holiday Bundles! Bundles can also be found in the Other section of Merrick's shop and are greatly discounted from the original price.
  • Candy World Bundle (Baker Balphagore, Candy Rider, Ice Cream Bombardier, and Lollipop Shaman)
  • Xmas Party Bundle (Cosmonaut Bubbles, Bobbi Bramble, Amanda Panda, and Sally Slither)
  • Scorched Newerth Bundle (Safari Klanx, Blight Wraith, and Nuclear Winter Glacius)
  • Guardians of Newerth Bundle (Gaia Empath, Horny Lizardon, and Axolotl Pollywog)
  • Elder Evils Bundle (Hades Soulstealer, Hel Voodoo Jester, Ymir Ellonia, Camazotz Dampeer, El Diablo Ravenor, and Set The Dark Lady)
  • The Blind Disciples Bundle (The Blind Prophet, Augur Kinesis, Arbinger Silhouette, Orbode Berserker, Edium Corrupted Disciple, and Omen Jeraziah)
  • The Royal Bundle (Sylvia Ophelia, Pride Jeraziah, Crusader Jeraziah, Eclipse Moon Queen, Blood Moon Queen, and Young Maliken)
  • The King Slayer Bundle (Septar Kane, Katana Kane, Queen Serecta, Ladybug Pestilence, Carnage Calamity, and Rhadamanthus Calamity)
  • The Santa Bundle (Santa Baby Aluna, Santa Midas, Mali Klause, Rudy Rampage, and Eggnog Master)
  • The Holiday Bundle (Mistletoe Succubus, Festive Pharaoh, Bramble of the Bells, Snow Queen Shiva, Winter Soldier Klanx, Jackson Frost Ellonia, and Frosty the Iceman Glacius)

A Few Extra Gifts

  • Get some bonus presents when you buy coins over the Holidays!
  • Purchase any coin pack from 12/15 - 1/12 and receive the Rudolph Ward for FREE.
  • Purchase the $100 coin pack from 12/15 - 1/12 and receive the Snowglobe Pearl avatar for FREE.

The Gift of Giving

  • From 12/15 - 1/12 you’ll have the ability to gift up to 5 products this holiday season, so share the love!
  • Gifting is only available when you purchase a product with Gold Coins.

Double the Odds

  • Plinko Diamond chest odds will be doubled from 12/15 - 1/12. Get those avatars you’ve always craved!

Deck the Halls

  • The Holiday season is here and we’ve decked Newerth in holiday cheer. Enjoy these seasonal changes in Forests of Caldavar, Midwars, and in Merrick’s shop!

Finding a First Mate Sweepstakes

  • King Klout is in need of a second in command and all of his minions are fighting for the title. Vote for your favorite and you could win BIG! Head here to participate: [[1]]

Frosty Weekends

  • That glimmer you’re seeing isn’t snow, it’s extra Silver Coins! Enjoy double Silver Coins for every weekend from 12/15 - 1/12.

New Year's with Newerth

  • Join us for the New Year! Play 1 game of HoN on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to earn the New Year's ward for free.

Community Event Team[]

Here to bring you HoN-related events with huge prizes!

Secret Santa of Newerth

  • Come and be Newerth's best Secret Santa! Participate in this event to randomly gift another player a prize! Head to the CET forums to participate: [[2]]

Heroes of Newerth Bake Off

  • Dust off those baking skills and create a dish inspired by HoN! There will be prizes for the best dishes so bring your "A" game! Head to the CET forums to participate: [[3]]

Player Appreciation[]

Continuing with our Player Appreciation, here are the new set effects that will be going into this patch. Remember, since we are changing/adding effects to some of our older sets, all of the avatars associated with the changed sets will become available for a short period of time (yes, even Gold, EA, and Debut avatars).

Elder Evils Set Effects

  • Added effect: The Elder Evils already enhance El Diablo Ravenor when he is also owned. Now if you own the entire Elder Evils Set, each avatar gains a unique flaming halo!
  • Avatars in set:

The Blind Disciples Set Effects

  • Added effect: The Blind Disciples already enhance The Blind Prophet when he is also owned. Now if you own the entire Blind Disciples Set, each avatar gains a fiery third eye of Sol!
  • Avatars in set:

Candy World Set Effects

Xmas Party Set Effects

Scorched Newerth Set Effects

  • Added effect: If you own the entire Scorched Newerth Set, each avatar will leave a trail of environmental destruction!
  • Avatars in set and their effects:

Guardians of Newerth Set Effects

  • Added effect: If you own the entire Guardians of Newerth Set, each avatar will heal the land wherever they step!
  • Avatars in set and their effects:

The War Effort and Ranked MMR Ladder[]

  • Cycle 11 ends on December 15th with rewards handed out by December 18th.
    • The top 25 players on the RANKED MMR Ladder on December 15th will be rewarded with the Trophy Avatar of this cycle.
  • Cycle 12 starts on December 15th and will last until January 12th.

HoN Tour Season 4[]

The fourth edition of the official competitive circuit for Heroes of Newerth continues! With a multi-divisional format, there are opportunities for both amateurs and professionals in HoN Tour. Grab your friends and head over to www.hontour.com for more information.

Community Funding | The Paragons[]

Show your support for HTS4 and get your Paragon avatars from Plinko today! 25% of all proceeds will go directly to competitive HoN eSports!

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[]

New Content[]

  • New Hellbourne Strength Hero: The Benevolent and Merciful King Klout.jpg King Klout
King Klout is an initiation hero who can be a threat from anywhere on the map. Goblin Toss and Bluster can be used together to stack Conscription quickly with your auto-attacks. Parade of Power is an amazing threat from anywhere...if you can aim it correctly!
The Benevolent and Merciful King Klout began his epic journey as the leader of a troublesome rabble of goblin pickpockets, but he always knew he was destined for something greater. When he obtained the Allowin Crown and Scepter through sheer cunning, courage, and at great risk to life and limb (not necessarily his), he finally ascended to his rightful status as the greatest and most glorious leader throughout all of Newerth, past, present, and future. Huzzah!

King Klout Abilities[]

Ability 1: King Klout Goblin Toss.jpg Goblin Toss

  • When learned you get up to 7 minions that follow you around, gaining 1 every 8 seconds.
  • The goblins will be Blue, Red, or Green.
  • Target an enemy to throw a goblin at them, doing one of three things:
    • Blue: Deals 70/90/110/130 Magic Damage, chaining to enemies within 400 radius of the target.
    • Red: Deals 30/40/50/60 Magic Damage with another 55/70/85/100 Magic Damage and a 10/15/20/25 Tapering Movespeed Slow over 3 seconds within 200 radius of the target.
    • Green: Same as Red, but bounces to two additional nearby enemies.
  • When an enemy hero dies near King Klout:
    • If King Klout doesn't have 7 minions, King Klout will spawn a new Red Minion.
    • If King Klout does have 7 minions, one of the existing minions will be upgraded.
  • Every 5th minon spawned is Red.
  • There is a 10% chance that when a Blue minion spawns it will be upgraded to a Red minion.
  • There is a 25% chance that when a Red minion spawns it will be upgraded to a Green minion.

Ability 2: King Klout Bluster.jpg Bluster

  • On use and every 2 seconds for the next 6 seconds (4 times total), deals 0/20/40/60 Magic Damage and applies a 1 second Silence and Disarm to all enemies around you.
  • Hitting enemy heroes several times will upgrade your minions.
  • Every 4 enemy heroes hit results in one of the following effects:
    • If King Klout doesn't have 7 minions, King Klout will spawn a new Red Minion.
    • If King Klout does have 7 minions, one of the existing minions will be upgraded.

Ability 3: King Klout Conscription.jpg Conscription

  • All non-DoT damage you deal applies stacks of Conscription, each stack lowering Magic Armor by 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8.
  • When an enemy hero gets 5 Conscription stacks from King Klout they are dealt 20/40/60/80 Magic Damage, Transformed and Slowed for 3 seconds, and one of King Klout's minions is upgraded.
  • You cannot build stacks on any target for 5 seconds after they are Transformed.
  • Transforming an enemy hero results in one of the following effects:
    • If King Klout doesn't have 7 minions, King Klout will spawn a new Red Minion.
    • If King Klout does have 7 minions, one of the existing minions will be upgraded.

Ability 4: King Klout Parade of Power.jpg Parade of Power

  • Target a direction to fire a projection of King Klout's power in a line.
  • Any enemy hit takes up to 150/250/350 Magic Damage and player-controlled units are Feared for up to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.
  • At any time during the initial firing you can use the ability again to teleport to its location, sending another Parade of Power back to where you teleported from.
  • Hitting enemy heroes with the initial Parade of Power shot results in 1 of the following effects:
    • If King Klout doesn't have 7 minions, King Klout will spawn a new Red Minion.
    • If King Klout does have 7 minions, one of the existing minions will be upgraded.
  • Parade of Power moves at 1250 speed.
  • Parade of Power starts at 75/125/175 Magic Damage and adds an additional 75/125/175 the further the enemy hero is from King Klout.
    • At 3500 units away, enemy heroes take maximum damage.
  • Fear duration is 0.5 second minimum, adding an additional 1/1.5/2 second(s) the further the enemy hero is from King Klout.
    • At 3500 units away, enemy heroes are Feared for the max duration.
    • Fear goes through Magic Immunity.
Hear ye, all Newerthians! Jin Chan may claim he rules the Rulian Marsh, and the brutish Warlord Flint can boast of how much terror he spreads across the murky waters, but King Truffle is the true lord and master of this vast realm of muck and decay. Those impostors like to bluster about how they are from the Rulian, but King Truffle is actually of the Marsh! Only he can sprout an endless supply of fungal warriors from sentient spores, and only he can travel across the entire quagmire with a single swipe of his scepter! So bow down, terra firma prima donnas, for the true Rulian King has arrived!
Ho-ho-hold up a minute – it's Christmas morning and all the presents underneath the World Tree are gone! This has to be the work of that goblin King Klaus and his Selfish Elves, the infamous team of bandits who disguise themselves as holiday heroes just to gain access to homes and steal everything they can, including the coal from the naughty kids. They even put on their own Holiday Parade of Power to get everyone out of the house! Be on the lookout Newerth, because this crew will strut into town and swipe your milk, cookies, and the stockings off your feet and then be gone in a flash!

The Paragons[]

The Paragons are a faction of ancient, elemental guardians from the isolated Isle of Argentia. They embody the wisdom, emotion, and power of the earth, and the flesh of each Paragon has been overtaken by veins of crystals that hold a strong connection to the planet. They have refused to enter the wars among Man, Beast, and Daemon for fear that if captured, their bodies could be used as conduits to feed death and corruption directly into the earth.
But with King Jeraziah driven to the brink of his faith and needing someone to counter the self-righteous destruction of the URSA Corps, he summons The Paragons, knowing that once they see the state of Newerth they will be forced to join the fight against the Hellbourne as well.
Alexandrite Paragon is the living manifestation of the balance between the physical world and the magical world, a pure expression of duality whose strong connections to these realms grants her an uncanny intuition for how the enemies of Newerth seek to execute their plans. She and her winged crystal companions always seem to be where the enemy's next step lies, and those poor miscreants should expect no quarter, for the Alexandrite Paragon knows their true intent.
Alexandrite Wretched Hag Upgrades:
  • Wretched Hag Haunt.jpg Haunt Upgrade
    • Base:
      • A crystal bat flies at the target, leaving a dark smoky purple trail.
      • On impact, the target explodes into crystal shards that fade into purple blinks of light.
      • A crystal bat fades in and out above the affected character's head with a purplish wispy trail for the duration of the state.
    • Upgrade:
      • The crystal bat gains a wispy blue smoke trail.
      • Upon casting, more bats explode outward from Wretched Hag with purplish trails.
      • On impact, bats explode from the target and the bat flying above the target's head is more opaque and has blue and purple trails.
  • Wretched Hag Flash of Darkness.jpg Flash of Darkness Upgrade
    • Base:
      • Crystal shards appear and collect into Wretched Hag.
      • A spiraling trail of purple smoke and an explosion of crystal shards appear as Hag disappears/reappears.
      • A puff of spiraling purple smoke appears to cloak Hag as she teleports.
    • Upgrade:
      • The effects gain an explosion of bats with purplish wispy trails.
      • On reappearance, bats appear and fly inward to form Hag.
  • Wretched Hag Sonar Scream.jpg Sonar Scream Upgrade
    • Base:
      • Purple sound waves erupt from Wretched Hag.
      • Crystal bats fly away from Wretched Hag and fade away.
    • Upgrade:
      • Several ethereal crystals jut from the ground and expand outward with the sound waves.
  • Wretched Hag Bat Blast.jpg Bat Blast Upgrade
    • Base:
      • A wave of purple light and crystal bats fly out of Wretched Hag.
      • The bats fade away as they fly farther.
    • Upgrade:
      • The wave of light and smoky trail turn blue.
      • Large shards of crystals fly out of Wretched Hag and fade away before the crystal bats.
  • Paragon Upgrades
    • Each Paragon avatar can be upgraded up to 5 times by acquiring upgrades.
    • Upgrades will become available in the Paragon Chest in Plinko after you own the respective Paragon Avatar.

The War Effort[]

The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 50 or the RANKED MMR Ladder's top 25 players at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking those leaderboards and completing those quests! Even Frostburn Studios staff members cannot get the Trophy avatars!
  • New War Effort Cycle 12 Quest Reward Ophelia.jpg Ophelia Avatar: Pan.jpg Pan
An ancient deity of wild beasts, shepherds and flocks, Pan gazes upon the destruction of all he loves with a broken heart. He can no longer stand idly by while Newerth is stripped of its beauty and turned into a barren wasteland. Calling many formidable beasts to his side, he fills them with his incredible power and strides into battle to fix what has been broken.


The damned self-righteous URSA Corps, sanctimonious Paragons, Saviors, Invaders, and alien Artificers injecting Dark Matter into the veins of Newerth – Klanx had seen enough, especially after witnessing how easily they shattered his creations. After months of prowling the battlefields and salvaging what he could from these new classes of warrior, he retreated to his workshop and began to experiment. Klanx quickly realized there was only one entity on Newerth that could control the levels of destruction he'd uncovered – and she might even survive the experience.
He sent word to the powerful sorceress Artesia that he had found a way to resurrect her lost lover from the Vaults of All Hells – a lie, of course. When Artesia arrived brimming with new hope, Klanx quickly dashed it from her, subdued the sorceress (at the cost of many lackeys and stun grenades) and commenced siphoning her essence of arcane magic. The power was greater than he had hoped. It created an implacable consciousness within the evolving set of armor he had created, an awareness unencumbered by compassion or empathy. Klanx puffed with satisfaction; he had created the perfect weapon for destroying the endless rabble of factions, gods, and corps that all thought they were the answer to Newerth's tribulations. He had melded technology and magic into a terrible, singular arsenal, and he would enjoy watching her fulfill her purpose.
Then Artesia awoke, blasted the narcissistic megalomaniac through a wall and fled before she realized his creation was stirring, rising, and following.
Level Progression
  • 1-5: Apprentice Artesia new in her power, Klanx's magical machine only bears the slightest amount of arcane armor to protect her as she learns and evolves.
  • 6-10: Arcanist Artesia confident in her abilities, the mechanical magician begins donning magical accoutrements designed to help her channel her newfound power through every gear and diode.
  • 11+: Archmage Mechartesia, fully evolved and complete in her absorption of arcane energy, Mechartesia emerges adorned in her full battle gear, resplendently displaying her power and beginning machinations of her own!

It’s the Holidays in Newerth![]

  • New Holiday Edition Maps, Bosses and Creeps
  • New Santa Merrick and Christmas music in his Holiday Shop!
  • Christmas music in the lobby!
  • Holiday Celebration in the Forests of Caldavar
  • Frost Fields Mid Wars
  • Abominable Kongor in Forests of Caldavar
  • Frostbite.jpg Santa Slayer Mid Wars Boss
  • Holiday Hat Creeps
  • Holiday Plinko
The Hellbourne have all been naughty this year, and since they actually like coal, Santa has decreed they all get a hot, unwrapped can of whup-ass justice for the holiday. Who better to deliver it with speed and a joyous spirit than Blitzen?
It’s that time of year again, when the hollering humans are chopping down trees and hanging those damn lights and ugly tinsel over everything, running around messing up the pristine snow with their snowball fights and their annoying youthful attitudes. Well one massive and very grumpy snowman is going to show them what a real snowball fight actually looks like!
You better place wards, you better not feed, you better try hard then CC 15 when Gladiclaus comes to town. This bad-ass list checker will whip you from Naughty to Nice and have you cobbled, wrapped and shipped back to the fountain before he’s done eating your milk and cookies.
Snowglobe spends countless hours creating the idyllic holiday scenes within her precious glass domes, and her Christmas wish is to remake Newerth into a peaceful landscape full of softly glowing lanterns, lofty spires, harmonizing carolers and fluffy, new-fallen snow. For that to happen, however, she must first remove all these grumpy pants more concerned with power and victory than holiday cheer. If she has to break a few globes to make it happen, so be it.
  • New Holiday Wards:
    • Christmas Ward (2015).jpg Christmas Ward:
    • Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide our gank tonight?
    • New Year's Eve Ward.jpg New Year's Eve Ward:
      • Pop a bottle of this glowing bubbly in anticipation of your team's victory!


Jeraziah was wounded, weary, and saw the end looming as he stared into the brimstone depths of a Malphi’s gullet when he was suddenly hidden from view by a Valkyrie’s Prism an instant before a golden lance felled the massive daemon. Because she had saved him from sure death, Jeraziah repaid the fearless warrior with the finest royal armor of Adkarna and a place in his elite guard. Will this newly adorned Valkyrie accept his offer or spread her wings and continue her solitary path?
There was one clan of Savages who did not bend the knee to Maliken Grimm during the War of the Single Banner. After the massacre at Grimm's Crossing, while the battle-weary Savages chose to bow their cowardly heads rather than die a warrior's death, the Bloodaxe Clan looted Grimm's supplies and slipped away into the Frost Fields. Their northern stronghold became a deathtrap to any threat that wandered too close, but food and offspring dwindled over the years, then ceased altogether as merchants refused to risk the Crossing and daemon raiders skulking among the frozen drifts. With his lineage on the brink of sputtering out forever, the Bloodaxe warlord has ventured out from his refuge to carve out a new home for his clan, and he cares not who his blade must cleave to make it so.
And the Codex Solaris states: When Newerth cries out in pain, Sol himself shall send his greatest guardian to aid her. The Lion of Sol will plummet from the heavens as a fireball of blinding light, and his tremendous roar shall be heard all across the land. The enemies of Sol will vanish, pulverized by the cascade of his arrival, and all shall witness the might of the one true god.
Pestilence betrayed his hive and queen in his quest for power, and in the years since he has sought all forms of insect alchemy and sorcery to continue molting and evolving until he finally emerged as one worthy of ruling everything that swarms, stings, and scuttles. Now he will return to the hive and challenge Moon Queen for her throne, and he brings with him a new brood of pest capable of destroying any who do not submit to their new master.
The Shào monks of the Monastery of the Way will not speak of the lost brother who delved too deeply into the mystical energies that allow some to take on characteristics of the Beasts. The intent behind this transformation is to gain a better understanding of the animals who share the sun, air and water with the monks. But this man did not seek enlightenment; he wanted to become bigger, stronger, and more ferocious than any other creature in the jungles surrounding the veiled peaks of the Sang-La Mountains. True, he did this to better defend the Monastery and those within, but his motivation was selfish at its core and he became a danger to his fellow monks. Because of this the terrifying creature known as Tigersoul was exiled into the solitary life of a hermit. He and his tiger brethren still defend the Monastery of the Way, but the monk is forever lost to the world of man.


For winning a major Heroes of Newerth tournament, DDOG and Neolution MRR have new e-sports avatars themed around their team colors and logos!


These high-definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

  • The selection circle now appears properly around your hero if you have "Self Hero Outline" and "Selection Outlines" selected in the Options menu.
  • Fixed certain visual issues with Paragon Witch Slayer.
  • Debuff Popup Text option preference is now saved properly when the user exits the HoN Client.
  • Debuff Popup Text will no longer show up in a game if the Debuff Popup Text option is disabled.

The following skills now exhibit their proper behavior for their Debuff Popup Text:

Defiler.jpg Defiler

  • Base damage of Defiler Unholy Expulsion.jpg Spirits is properly reduced to 80% when they attack via the second activation of Unholy Expulsion (when upgraded with Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master).

The Madman.jpg Madman

  • Fixed a bug where The Madman Gash.jpg Gash had incorrect damage modifiers when applied to more than one target.

Nitro.jpg Nitro

  • Fixed a mana syncing issue between Nitro and Mauser.jpg Mauser (from patch 3.7.15).

Skrap.jpg Skrap

  • The Skrap Zoomerang.jpg Zoomerang (if it lands on the ground) now has its icon and name displayed properly when you hover over it on the minimap.

Mock of Brilliance.jpg Mock of Brilliance

  • Aura tooltip now displays properly in the item shop

Post Haste.jpg Post Haste

  • Channeling no longer continues if the target dies.