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Forum Moderators Forummod-recruitment-banner.jpg

Moderators are well-coordinated and essential in helping to maintain the forum sections and guide the vast influx of posts/threads every day. As they play a central role in facilitating communication within the community and between other staff members, their work is in many ways linked to every aspect of the game. Moderators may be identified by their maroon names and a Ban Hammer icon.

Game Masters Gm-recruitment-banner.jpg

Almost everyone has encountered a problematic player and had a game ruined. A smaller percentage of people may be part of the problem themselves. It is no secret that bad manners and questionable behavior runs rampant in the community at all tiers of play, and that this is clamping down on the level of enjoyment for the vast majority of players. For this reason, the Heroes of Newerth Game Master (GM) Team was created as a group of trained, vetted volunteers who spend their free time in the interest of improving the community for all to enjoy. Game Masters may be identified by their maroon names and a Sheriff's Star icon.

Retail Candidate Testers Rct-recruitment-banner.jpg

The RCT volunteers test patches one week in advance in order to uncover as many bugs as possible prior to its official release. We have a lot of really cool stuff upcoming and we want you to help us test it! We are looking to fill this roster to supplement our current testing of new content.

Gamepedia Wiki Editor

The Gamepedia Wiki Editors have been an active team since late 2018. The current team consists of members from the current Forum Moderator team.